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South Walls School
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South Walls School

South Walls school,I know most of the people in the photograph but thought it might be of interest to site watchers.
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Picture added on 11 December 2007
can you provide some of the names for this photo please - I'd be interested to see if I know anyone - I certainly don't recognise them....
Added by Melanie Young on 12 December 2007
is that me father in the middle of the front row?
Added by Pauline Duncan on 09 January 2008
I will have them wrong I always do but as no one has put names to the pupils here goes!!

Back row:
Mr McColl-Jimmy Williamson-Jimmy Craigie-Jimmy McKenzie-Billy Budge-? Smith-Ivy Johnston-Ella Isbister-Margret Groat-Billy Cload-Sydney Taylor-Andy Sutherland

Second Row:
Walter Sinclair-Ronnie Baillie-Yvonne Johnstone-?-?-Betty Groat-Molly Isbister-Vera Johnstone-Stella Smith-Sammy Isbister-Archie Williamson-Mrs McColl

Third Row:
Alex Norquoy-Ethel Gunn-Shella Groat-Reta Manson-Margaret Sutherland-Pat Page-/ ? ?-Sylvia Taylor-Iris Kirkpatrick-Marjorie Stout-Evelyn Williamson-? ?Margaret Gillespie-Freada Kirkpatrick-Lachline McColl-

Front Row:
Jacko Manson-Dennis Johnstone-Robby Flett-Bertie Gillespie-Geordie Gillespie-James Sutherland-Alan Isbister-? ?-Tony Budge.

Now tell me that I have them all wrong.But you had your chance!!!!!.
Added by John Budge on 09 January 2008
Missing names are Kathleen Smith 6th from left back row, Freda Cathness 7th from left 3rd row.
The girl 4th from right on the 3rd still unknown- can anyone help and have I got the others correct?

The boy 2nd right on the front row is Keith Priest, son of a lighthouse keeper.
Added by John Budge on 13 January 2008
Third row. Not Reta Manson but Gladys Robson. Note the grazing alongside the left eye. Surely no cycle training in these days!
Added by Bobby Leslie on 14 January 2008
Could it be Eileen Cload next to Sylvia Taylor?
It's good to see all your photos John.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 14 January 2008
Yes I think your right Beryl it maybe is Eileen but how did no one come up with these names before I made all these errors.I am getting so depressed!!!!!!
Added by John Budge on 15 January 2008
Hi there John It's Johnston withoot an 'e'.
Added by Audrey Cameron on 08 June 2008
Yea ken ame no b****y good at speeeelan yae fool!!.
Added by John Budge on 09 June 2008
Boy in front row is not Jacko Manson. We did not come to Longhope until 1952, and left in 1954. I am in picture #7747 (1952) as stated.
Added by John on 16 April 2009
Hi I am interested whether anyone can verify where Dennis Johnston is in the picture, Dennis is my dad and I don't recognise him as front row, second from left. As the picture is 1950, my dad would have been 11 or 12 years old
Added by Diane Brown on 22 August 2014
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