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Lapwings over Rousay
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Lapwings over Rousay

Lapwings over Kierfea Hill, Rousay, September 2004, late afternoon.
Picture added on 25 October 2004
The birds are our aerial Artists against the sky of blue, a reflection if you like whichever way they've flew. The land has that added carpet to visualise the growth of man, how else will we plan the Future if we never have this Plan.
Added by MATT ROONEY on 24 January 2005
I used to work and play on that hill. the views are spectacular from the bottom, and from the top you realised the best parts of orkney were right below your feet. hugely missed.
Added by Denis Soames on 31 January 2005
The hill reminds me of another that I have seen before, although thats on the eastern side and nearer to the my shore. { Bonnyrigg Midlothian } The farm similar in style from what I the spectator might pass, visualise it in all its glory in the summer sun whilst walking with my Lass.
Added by MATT ROONEY on 01 February 2005
I can just imagine in the olden days when the farm was the very best, with horses drawing the plough and the workers never at rest. Their duty from early morn was to work until the fading light. And no matter how hard they tackled their task they were forever exhausted throughout the night. Nowadays a tractor tills the ground even whilst the darkness has fallen on the soil, for these futuristic visions have spotlights to aid their toil. And the driver listens in to the latest music from the pop or classical scene, it all depends on their taste mind and what makes them really keen.
Added by MATT ROONEY on 05 February 2005
Maist Orcadians wad ca' them teeos on accoont o' ther soon'.
Added by John Corall on 27 September 2005
i used to live at Brendale, (farm in the picture)
i miss Rousay SO MUCH.
Added by Samantha Kenny on 19 February 2010
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