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Date is approx. Unsure why the ST OLA was flying flags.
Picture added on 26 June 2007
Stromness Shopping Week ????
Added by Ian Cameron on 27 June 2007
The Sunniva looks like a nice ship there. She even looks like she could have made an attractive small cruise ship.

Where is she these days?
Added by Ross on 28 June 2007
Picture would probably have been taken on a saturday night when Ola and Sunniva used to do a quick shuffle of berths to discharge their cargo's and then be ready to load for Sunday Morning. If flags are up then I would hazard a guess it's the Saturday Night of Shopping Week.
Anonymous comment added on 07 December 2007
The St Sunniva was bought by I think Dr. Mohammed from Dubai. She was bought for cruising in the Persian Gulf, but the Gulf war among other things put paid to that and as far as I know, she was scrapped.
A sad end to the best sea ship for her size that I ever sailed in.
Added by Fred Johnston on 21 February 2008
I miss the P&O days!
Added by Steven Flett on 14 October 2008
It is interesting that the rake of the bow of this ship is similar to the 1931 launch ship by the same name. I assume that the stern is of a more modern shape.
Added by Douglas Turton on 17 October 2008
The stern of St Sunniva was an average ro-ro ferry transom but St Sunniva in my opinion was the most elegant of the North boats.
The stern rounded down into the water whereas most ships of the time had a squared off area, the rounded stern of the Sunniva would have made her more dynamic, moving astern.
Added by Steven Flett on 17 October 2008
RE comment on resemblance to a cruise ship - her sister ship has recently been converted to a cruise ship and called into Lerwick earlier this year. Even in red and white she looked very familiar. As she was replacing a vessel sunk in the Antarctic they maybe appreciated the strong bow.
Added by D Garden on 22 August 2009
Does anyone know of the existence of a model of the 1931 boat (except in the Liverpool Maritime museum)? Also I have some pictures of the 1931 boat but would appreciate more if possible. Does anyone know where they might be available. I have the pictures from the web but would appreciate a more closer perspective.
Added by Douglas Turton on 24 August 2009
Am not sure if it is a saturaday night because the St Ola usally anchored out in the harbour when the St Sunniva was unloading.
Added by D Reid on 29 December 2010
I am quite sure that the photo is taken on a Saturday night, as the Sunniva didn't go on to the lay by berth on the Wednesday. The Sunniva only discharged the cars on a Saturday night, any freight was discharged on Sunday forenoon and this normally took only a couple of minutes, so she was nearly always on the inside of the pier by the time the Ola arrived.
Added by Fred Johnston on 02 January 2011
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