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No. 4 barrier in 1989, 2
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No. 4 barrier in 1989, 2

Another view of Alan's family at 'the blockship in the corner' at the Burray end of the fourth barrier. You won't see that boat now, unless you do a lot of digging. Again compare with picture 219.

Alan writes:

"[The pictures] feature my beautiful wife Laurie (nee Wylie) and adorable younger son Bryn in front of a blockship at No 4 barrier July 1989."
Picture added on 05 October 2004
I think it is the blockship 'pontos' is this correct?
Added by Alan Hale on 06 December 2004
This ship is the Carron,I used to try to dig her out with my bucket and spade when I was young I`ve been coming back with my wife Margaret,daughter Lauren and son Jordan since 2005.Wish they wern`t buried now.
Added by Erik Sinclair on 04 July 2010
I think it is the Pontos actually

Pontos (Burray end)
Carron (middle wreck which used to be surrounded by sea)
Collindoc (South Ron end)

All now burried and gone :(
Added by Kerry Scott on 26 January 2011
Erik is correct it is the "carron" , the "Pontos" is situated more towards the South Ronaldsay end behind the "Collindoc"
Added by Roy Davidson on 02 February 2011
Back in the early 50's as a child I used to try and wade out at low tide to reach the vessel. Grandparents chastised me strongly because of the then strong currents that existed at the barrier.
Added by John Tibbles on 03 February 2011
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