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Captain Fresson
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Captain Fresson

Fresson and De Havilland Gypsy Moth at Kirkwall
Picture added on 29 October 2003
My grandfather, Alexander McLennan worked for Captain Fresson and flew with him on a number of occasions to the Orkney & Shetland Islands. According to my mother, my grandfather carried out repairs on aircraft on the islands.
Added by Glenda Noetzel on 27 June 2005
Do you now which man in the picture is Captain Fresson ?
Added by Louise Fresson on 12 November 2005
I would say that capt. Fresson is almost certainly the gentleman standing right of centre in the photo, wearing the beret, plus-four trousers, smoking the pipe, and his left hand on the propeller.
Added by Peter Burges on 13 November 2005
Peter is correct. That is Ted Fresson in classic pose with plus-fours, pipe, and hand on the prop.
Added by Iain Hutchison on 19 January 2006
Cyril Pugh flew with Capt Fresson and repaired the various scrapes they had. He came to the gliding club at Nympsfield later and looked after our Tiger Moth .I remember he would say "I will soon Duft it up "
Added by Derek Vennard on 11 October 2006
The gentleman on the extreme left is my father Herbert Rendall and the third man is John G Shearer. I believe they were taking the plane to Shearer's coalshed for overnight storage.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 20 March 2007
See picture #2612...
Added by Steven Heddle on 20 March 2007
Edwin is correct about Shearer's coalshed - it was used to store the aircraft overnight and it was wheeled, its wings folded, from Virkie Pool beside which it had landed. The date was 9 February 1932. A local boatman provided the wheeled trolley to support the tail skid. It is good to have Messrs Rendall and Shearer identified. The lady on the far right is almost certainly Heloise Pauer - she owned the aircraft and travelled as Fresson's passenger.
Added by Iain Hutchison on 20 March 2007
The detail provided by picture #2612 of the aircraft at Shearer's shed shows that the lady is indeed Heloise Pauer.
Added by Iain Hutchison on 20 March 2007
Isn't beside the Pool of Virkie where he landed in Shetland (ie where Sumburgh Airport is now)?
Added by Paul Sutherland on 23 March 2007
Paul, what you suggest sounds logical - the Pool of Virkie is indeed beside Sumburgh airfield. I suspect that Fresson had a memory lapse in his biography - perhaps meaning the Bay of Kirkwall, or the Peerie Sea. He favoured Hatston, which is nearby, as a landing site in his initial surveys, but was unable to secure access.
Added by Iain Hutchison on 23 March 2007
The man standing between my grand father and Herbert Rendall could possibly be the same man that appears leaning on the prop in picture #2612 . If that is the case his name I think is Peter Williamsom who worked for us as a coalman and I believe his grandson is Keith Williamson the paramedic
Added by John G Shearer on 25 April 2007
Does anyone have any knowledge of Polish employees in Capt Fresson's enterprises in Scotland? I'mm researching a family of Polish origin who lived in Thurso in the 1920s 1930s. Very grateful for any information.
Added by Tricia on 24 January 2011
Tricia - do you have any names?
Added by Iain on 29 January 2011
I think the name was Niklewski, or Nikewiscz. Polish spellings and English versions of Polish spelling are in the head-banging zone of research. I had a comment from a family member who thought his father Franz Josef or Francis Joseph (known as Joe) might have grown up in Thurso, but now I suspect Joe may have been in the Polish Forces stationed in or near Thurso during the war. But Joe apparently remembered Thurso with pleasure, so may have conveyed the impression he grew up there. Joe would have been 18 when war was declared. Later, after the war, Joe married a Maria Bujtas of Polish Hungarian origin, in Edinburgh. But the research is proving very frustrating.
Added by Tricia on 02 February 2011
Hi Tricia, I have gone through some sources relating to both Highland Airways and Aberdeen Airways (which served Thurso) but have not found these names - sorry.
Added by Iain on 03 February 2011
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