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Handstand on chair- how it is done
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Handstand on chair- how it is done

Further to my comment on #28355, here's how the chair handstand is done. Firstly, it must be admitted that it isn't a true handstand; it's a two-hands-and-one-shoulder-stand - a tripod in other words and, as such, relatively stable.
Use a sturdy, plain kitchen chair without arms. Sit on it facing front; swing your left leg to the side; grasp the midpoint of the front of the seat with your right hand, between your legs; and grasp the top rail of the chair-back near its right-hand end with your left hand. You should now be positioned like the figure in my left-hand sketch above.
Push down hard and lift your backside until you have space to swing your left leg back between your arms to join your right leg, and continue swinging both up-and-over until they are vertical and (THE SECRET!) your left shoulder is resting on the left-hand end of the chair-back. My right-hand sketch shows the position reached just before the legs are straightened, with the weight-bearing points shown in red.
Picture added on 08 February 2018 at 12:59
After some twenty weeks of holding the pose, our demonstrator is very grateful for this post. Now, straighten those legs young man and dismount!

Viewers follow his example AT THEIR OWN RISK!
Added by Ian Hourston on 08 February 2018
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