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Burray school photo, around 1922
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Burray school photo, around 1922

Burray school photo. Around 1922. Would someone have an exact date? My mother is in the front row. First girl sitting on the bench from the left. Ina laird, née Kennedy, born Bu, Burray in 1916. Would 5 years be the age children started school ? Teacher Maggie McDonald.
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Picture added on 21 October 2014 at 20:19
The boy sitting on the bench, first left, isn't wearing shoes.

Poor wee lad. Cold in Orkney for bare feet!
Added by Anne on 25 October 2014
I think the date would be about right. My father, John (Jack) Park, born at Skerpie in 1915 is the blond haired boy, third from the left next to the teacher's right arm, with a girl to his left.
Added by Ken Park on 18 January 2015
Thanks Ken,
The boy standing in front of your father, holding his jersey, I think that is Jack Wylie. Do you know who the boy is standing to his left?
His head is down and he's glaring at the photographer.
Obviously didn't want his photo taken!
Added by Anne on 21 January 2015
I think the girl sitting 8th from the left with the ribbon in her hair is my Granny - Esther Bruce (née Thomson)
Added by GBM on 28 January 2015
Anne, I am afraid I don't know the names of anyone else in the photograph, although the name Wylie is well known to me from the times both my father and his brother mentioned Burray when I was youngster. Sadly both are now deceased.
Added by Ken Park on 28 January 2015
Hello Anne, I can help you with the name of the boy standing on the right of Jack Wylie with his head down. I am certain it was my father, Daniel Manson Sutherland Jnr. Like Ken Park's father, Manson was born at Skerpie in 1916. Manson's father, Daniel Manson Sutherland Snr was the brother of Jack Park's mother, Agnes Ferrier Sutherland. Amongst my collection of Sutherland photos I have several of Manson around that age and one of them includes his brother Andrew Banks and Kens father Jack Park. Alas, both Manson and his brother Andrew are now deceased. Incidentally, although Manson had lived in the south of England since he was 7, he always considered himself an Orcadian.
Added by Melvyn Sutherland on 11 November 2016
Thank you Mervyn. I have a James Sutherland married to Jane Ferrier. Their son John K Sutherland married to Annie B (Banks?) Sutherland. I am sure they all fit in there with your father..just have to find the link! Someone told me the third boy on the bench was Leonard Sutherland. Does he connect with your Sutherlands? Thanks for all the information.
Added by Anne on 07 February 2017
Thank you Anne, you are on the right track, my paternal grandfather was Daniel Manson Sutherland, b. 1882 d.1956 and he married Elizabeth Banks b.1878 d.1943. My grandfather farmed "Skerpie" on Burray until about 1922, when he came down south and eventually took a farm at Brockenhurst in Hampshire and continued farming there until he retired. His father was John Kenneth Sutherland who died in 1930. He was married to Annie Banks b.1860 d.1935. Indecently, it was said that Annie had made 14 "Hair Flowers", one for each of her children, although I only have 12 children listed. I am the very proud owner of one of them and have photographed a total of 6. I have often wondered what happened to the others. John Kenneth's father was as you righty point out, James Sutherland b.1818 d.1864. According to my "tree" which my late wife did most of the research on, James married "Agnes" Ferrier in June 1848 at St Cuthberts Church, Edinburgh, not a "Jane" as you state. Agnes was born at St Vergeans, Forfar, Scotland in 1825 and died 1901 at Weyland House, Kirkwall, Orkney. James' father was Daniel Manson Sutherland b. 1798 and died 1882 at Skerpie. His first wife was Helen Copland and his second wife was Elizabeth Budge Annal. The parents of DMS were John Sutherland and Elizabeth "Betsey" Manson. John's parents were Donald Sutherland and Elizabeth Bain. Please note, most of the above dates should be considered as "about". I have 80 Sutherland's in my tree, but unfortunately, no Leonard. Well, having recently retired at the age of 74, I plan to spend more time researching the Sutherland's and to upload some of the photos taken on Orkney years ago by family members. Anne, can you tell me where you fit into the Sutherland tree and where you found the name Jane Ferrier as being married to James? I would be most appreciative.
Added by Melvyn Sutherland on 20 February 2017
Hello there, and greetings from the south coast! My father's family hails from Burray, and in our house, we have a family heirloom - a grandfather clock, with D. Sutherland, Burray, Orkney painted on it. I have been trying to research the history of clock, and wonder if Daniel Sutherland (mentioned above) might have been its maker. Any clues gratefully received!
Added by Claire Sutherland on 07 May 2020
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