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German boat fitted as cabin cruiser at Walls
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German boat fitted as cabin cruiser at Walls

1920s? - Walls
My father wrote on the back "German boat fitted as cabin cruiser. Bow - John Ross, stern James Thomson. Owner on jetty Alex Groundwater"

James Thomson, Towerhouse, Crockness, was a joinery apprentice with John Ross before he became a diver. An Alex Groundwater had the Longhope hotel at one time and I'm fairly sure this would be the same man (related to John Ross and to Jame Groundwater, North Ness)

I have at least two questions. Firstly, is this a jetty at Crockness or somewhere else? Secondly, does anyone know anything about the previous or subsequent history of the boat?
Picture added on 02 January 2014 at 19:59
Jane near sure this is Wellbraes pier, Flotta in background, Wellbraes pier was built up more than the others in Crockness.The boat is before my time tho', and don't have any memory of it in my young days.. I do remember a nice German dinghy at Boathouse tho'.....folk acquired some German boats about that time...
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 03 January 2014
Looks very similar to the lines of the Bonxie which was also I think off a German boat. The Bonxie is clinker built though. It could be the slip at Ferry House, Crockness.
Added by Lee T on 03 January 2014
Safe to tell this story now as all concerned are long gone. Well there was a double ended Norwegen boat aboot 14 feet at Mill Bay that had been used to tend the Navy Boat now sunk atween Mill Bay and Fara - after she sank this boat lay on the beach at Mill Bay whur Faither and his best pal launched her and took her tae Longhope landing below Wateringhouse. There were tanks in her tae float her if she was swamped so when they took the beach they made a hell o a dinn woke Bill Gilespie who came doon and helped them intae the Corn Yard where they built a stack o sheaves on top o her. she lay under the stack for a long time, I dont know where that boat ended but one of the tanks oot o her lay in a ditch below the Burnhouse when I was a boy.
Added by John Budge on 13 January 2014
Not sure where the slip at Ferry House Crockness would be? Any pictures of the Bonxie?
Added by Jane Harris on 15 January 2014
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