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K239 Hildona in Kirkwall Basin
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K239 Hildona in Kirkwall Basin

K239 Hildona
Picture added on 01 February 2013 at 14:18
We were attending a Fleetwood stern trawler ashore on the east side o Burray in the early 1970s. Later that day the "Hildona" arrived hauling creels in the area to find the trawler was on top of his back rope so they hauled to the hull of the trawler shot the rope again then went to the other end and hauled again until they came up to the vessel and returned the creels to the same place, saying "ach weel git them back when the trawler comes off".
Would that have been Billy Rendall? I mind the guy to be very laid back about it all.
Added by John Budge on 08 February 2013
If that was Billy Rendall, Ruby Rendall's uncle, he was a laid back guy right enough John. Will always remember him and his bonnie peedie Shetland collie dog named after a dram.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 11 February 2013
In the 70's the surname would have been Rendall. Was the boat not named after his daughters Rhona and Hilda?
Added by Mark Vincent on 15 February 2013
Was the collie's name Brandy? I remember the family well. Robin , Billy's wife was Head teacher at the Holm primary at the time. Billy would take all manner o beasties ashore for us school bairns to study. Great times.
Added by Robbie Wells on 01 March 2013
She was the first Halmatic 36' built at Hatston in the early 70s - a bit of Orkney shellfishing history. Generally reckoned to be very strong & able boats - design allegedly based on wooden clinker boats of similar size produced by the Duncan family in Burray. Later versions "Gangwarily", "Corilda II" and numerous others had watertight decks and some even fitted out as small trawlers or Scallop dredgers.

It was believed that the Orkney operation was at a disadvantage compared to others like Cygnus due to transport costs and our remote location but the fact that most of them are still going strong after nearly 40 years proves Pierce Webb and his men did a good job originally.
Added by Willie Mackay on 25 March 2013
That was the dogs name Robbie. :-)
Added by Beryl Simpson on 28 March 2013
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