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Orkney Dawn
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Orkney Dawn

A pic with Bobby's permission off Ships Nostalgia, some older folk in Orkney will mind her... Orkney Dawn...

Picture added on 05 December 2012 at 08:59
I remember her and near sister ship Orkney Trader as regulars in the Kirkwall basin when I was a boy. In those days there were often 2 Coasters berthed between the Harbour Office and the "Cross berth" where the Shapinsay boat IONA usually lay. Operated by Bremner & Co of Stromness
Added by Willie Mackay on 07 December 2012
Hi Jimmy I do just mind this boat I think?, was it the Orkney Dawn that had a furniture van slip over the side while still attached to the derrick and lay in Longhope Bay with a nasty list? I do mind seeing that when I was a nipper, was it a Doctor or a School Teachers Flitting?.
Added by John Budge on 08 December 2012
You are right John, it wis Mr Forrest the teacher in Flotta moving tae Stronsay aboot 1956. Wis they twa fellows aboot the same time gead on Switha an hid tae be taen aff wea the Longhope lifeboat?
Added by Anon on 08 December 2012
Bremner also ran Cushag and Wisbech. Douglas Hill was skipper on Orkney Trader and later MV Karri.
Added by Bob Kelday on 09 December 2012
I remember that well. I was on holiday with my pal Willie Groat and staying with his grand parents. We were told to go down to the beach and gather as much as we could and set it above the high water mark. There seemed to be a lot of books as well as furniture
Added by Billy Cardno on 09 December 2012
The late Walter Forest moved from Flotta to Stronsay to become our new headmaster round about 1956 or so. His furniture van ended up in Scapa Flow. Guess that will be what you remenber John
Anonymous comment added on 10 December 2012
John, wid that been the teacher gan fae Flotta tae Stronsay, Mr Forrest wis his name, a lot o his stuff washed up on Switha, don't ken if hid wis that boat, [the Hoy Head mibe been on refit] for like you I wis jist a nipper is weel!!!!!!
Added by Ian Robertson. on 12 December 2012
Looking for Magrix built 1916, built by Cochrane & Sons, Selby, renamed Deedon 1937, sold to Bremner Co of Kirkwall, Orkney 1955, and renamed Orkney Dawn. Deedon was in Convoy WN80 early February 1941
Added by Brian Pritchard on 01 January 2017
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