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Groovy mark at Sand Geo
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Groovy mark at Sand Geo

Artefact at Sand Geo, Marwick. Photographed this evening 22 Sep 2012.
Cathleen Spence's mystery object picture #26459 had me puzzled, even as to whether it's incised or raised. I took this shot earlier this evening, 22 Sep 2012, and the shadows cast by the sinking sun I think show clearly the figure is incised into the stone (as indeed it really had to be, given the work entailed in producing the opposite effect). Top to bottom (in the photo anyway; it's hard to know from which angle the thing is meant to be viewed) it measures little more than 7" depending on how much of the 'tail' at the bottom is man-made and how much natural. All this contributes nothing to the 'story' behind the artefact, but maybe someone will come forward yet?
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Picture added on 10 October 2012 at 00:11
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I wonder if it could be an "h". It must have taken hours to carve. Perhaps carve is not the correct word to use here!

[Wouldn't be the first time somebody has scratched an 'h', right enough... Steven]
Added by Barbara(Jolly) Watt on 11 October 2012
I like the groovy title! My photo was taken 6th May at 5pm but at a slightly different angle. Strange how the two photos are so different - my shot came out almost like an optical illusion. I'm not sure who decided that Sand Geo is in Sandwick when it is most definitely in Birsay.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 12 October 2012
Your comment Cathleen, re the misidentification of the relevant parish, prompts me to wonder (for the umpteenth time) why parish boundaries are so poorly marked - or completely unmarked - on OS maps nowadays. Some are very faintly marked on an OS map I have, dated 1957, but for a general indication of the layout of Orkney parishes I usually turn to the endpapers of 'Orkney the Magnetic North' (1932) where the scale is too small to settle matters like which parish Sand Geo is in. Of course you are correct Cathleen: Sand Geo is about half a mile north of the Birsay-Sandwick border.
Can anyone suggest where a clear and reliable map of Orkney parish boundaries may best be found?
Added by Ian Hourston on 18 October 2012
Some people scratch their 'r's Steven.
Anonymous comment added on 18 October 2012
The 25 inch to the mile Ordnance Survey sheets (1902) on the National Library of Scotland site show all parish boundaries including old boundary stone markers many of which have disappeared.
Added by Tommy Matches on 27 October 2012
Thank you Tommy.
Added by Ian Hourston on 04 November 2012
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