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Boy racer
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Boy racer

Bought this from Mosh Marwick when he had the garage in the Back Road where the old Cosmo used to be. It was a N reg if I mind right. The reg came of a 1960 ford Anglia.

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Picture added on 20 April 2012 at 17:53
This was a super looking car. Modern cars are pretty ugly. As for the driver.......?
Added by Sandy on 21 April 2012
It's great how most mature people hate modern cars, yet they drive no bother & hardly break down, but the cars we love from our youths, had no handling, no power, and were about as reliable as New Labour politician, and went from O to rust in 6 days.
Added by Al Hine on 21 April 2012
Mk 1 Escort 1300E one of the best of that model, just before the Mk 2 came out in late 1975. Though Fords (and many other makes) had pretty poor rust-resistance in those days the Mk1 was possibly one of the better models in that respect.
Added by Willie Mackay on 23 April 2012
That model of Ford Escort was good-looking I agree, and the 4-door better-looking than the 2-door. But that opinion doesn't necessarily make me 'mature' - which may be why I agree also with Al. Elderly drivers can find modern cars daunting, with all those computerised gizmos, but they leave earlier models standing - in every sense of the term (including, on the whole, their looks).
Added by Ian Hourston on 23 April 2012
I bought the old Ford Anglia that Billy's BS number came from. It was re-registered CST 190C and I ran it as a winter car up and down to the cheese factory for a while. It was a bit light at the back in the snow so we loaded a big heavy gear wheel (off one of the milk drying machine in the factory) in the boot which helped a lot. Unfortunately one Saturday night while driving along Broad Street there was an almighty crack and the gear wheel (and most of the boot floor) ended up on the ground. I feel quite ashamed of how badly I treated a car that was to become a bit of a classic - but in those days it was just "an auld kerr".
Added by Dave Gray on 17 March 2013
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