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Mystifying crest
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Mystifying crest

Another Orkney crest to add to the collection. As far as I am aware the See of Orkney was only used by the Goss China Company. With whose permission I know not.
The lighthouse is the Eddistone one, long way from Orkney.
04/02/12 Ian Cameron
Picture added on 09 February 2012 at 20:14
Do each of these items also have the arms of Kirkwall and the County of Orkney (the old Earldom arms) on the other sides? I have a similar item with all three. Presumably they wanted something on each side and thought the old Bishopric arms the best option.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 20 February 2012
Yes Paul. There are other crests on some of them.
From the left. The puzzle jug has four crests. The See. The county. Kirkwall and strangely, the Arms of Sir Walter Scott. Queen Victoria's first shoe ( she must have had very peedie feet!) has one crest. The lighthouse has one crest. The loving cup has The See, County, and Kirkwall. The pot with the angular handles has The See, County and Kirkwall. I also have a loving cup with the County, Kirkwall and Stromness.
Ps The above Goss Co. also produced a model of an Orknry Caisie but got the name wrong and called it an Orkney Craisie. Ian Cameron
Added by Ian Cameron on 20 February 2012
Thanks, Ian. I think it's the loving cup that I have. Incidentally, on the day I moved to Shetland, in 1999, I got into conversation on the St Sunniva with a gentleman who was returning from the annual meeting of the Goss China Collectors Society, which had just been held in Orkney. Perhaps you were there too.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 22 February 2012
Yes, It was held in me hoose in Kirkwall
Added by Ian Cameron on 22 February 2012
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