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The Kitchener Souvenir
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The Kitchener Souvenir

Re picture #26058.
Model of Kitchener Memorial made by Arcadain China and sold by W. Brough, Stromness. Price when new, 3 shillings. Book price now £120.
Ian Cameron.

[Date for the item Ian? - Steven]
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Picture added on 27 January 2012 at 18:29
Sorry Steven I should have added some more information. The Orcadian Book of the 20th. Century page 99 has an almost full page detailing the unveiling of the memorial on July 2nd. 1926. The article ends with- "China replicas of the Kitchener Memorial , five inches high and bearing an inscription and the Orkney coat of arms, were sold at 3 shillings each." Bill Brough must have had a plan of the memorial away to the china manufacturers well before the building was completed to have it ready for sale on the unveiling day. Well done him.
Ian Cameron.
Added by Ian Cameron on 27 January 2012
Since posting a photo of the crest on this artefact alongside the current OIC arms, I've realised there are considerable similarities between this crest and that on the brooch in Doug Meikle's picture #24204. Where the latter has 8 stars on a single line around it this has the same number of 'somethings' on, at least, a double line. The ship, too, is similar, having crossed oars(?) at the mast, and a raised forecastle and poop-deck. The scrolls are basically the same also. This 'coat of arms' must have had currency, if not validity, at some point as representative of Orkney.
Added by Ian Hourston on 29 January 2012
Among my many pieces of crested china with Orkney crests some have the an old Stromness crest with the date 1817 under Per Mare. What is the significance of this date? Likewise the old crest of Kirkwall has the date 1486 in the Latin round the crest. What happened in Kirkwall on that date. Perhaps you can tell us Ian H.
Ian Cameron.
Added by Ian Cameron on 01 February 2012
I think Kirkwall became a Royal Burgh in 1486 when James III granted the charter. Stromness became a Burgh of Barony in 1817.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 01 February 2012
Beat me to it Cathleen! But I hope folks haven't got the impression I'm some sort of local historian. Just an idle dabbler, as in so many things.
Added by Ian Hourston on 01 February 2012
Thank you Cathleen and the other Ian for your help.
I had lost the number of this photo hence the late reply. Ian Cameron
Added by Ian Cameron on 15 February 2012
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