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John Mowat and John Ross, Millbay (?)
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John Mowat and John Ross, Millbay (?)

John Mowat and John Ross, Millbay (?), c1935
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Picture added on 09 January 2012 at 09:26
I think the object showing at sea between then might be Metal Industries floating crane.... Is the John Ross your Grandad?.. doesnt look like I minded him , but I was young and might be wrong of how I remembered him, will the John Mowat, be a Rackwick fella?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 09 January 2012
John Ross is my great grandfather. He died in Orphir in the mid 1940s, so I doubt that you would remember him at all. John Mowat had the shop at North Ness.
Added by Jane Harris on 10 January 2012
Doesn't look like John Mowat as I remember him at the shop and coming round with his van. Although I don't remember his father he lived next door to us in Millbay when I was peedie. He would have left Scews around about the mid 1950's. Dad and Mum moved to Haybrake Cottage in 1949. I remember my folks speaking of the Mowat's next door. Not much help but the dates might give a clue? I would say that this picture was taken just along the beach from where we lived. I now live just along the road from what was the North Ness shop!!
Added by Mabel J Besant (nee Wylie) on 11 January 2012
Jane the John Mowat one, doesn't look atall like the John Mowat I remember having the shop, and near sure he didnt smoke either, might this be his Father, or have I lost my real memories of him ..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 11 January 2012
I like Mabel, dont remember Jock Mowat looking like the one in the pic, and dont ever remember Jock smoking, near sure this must be his Father, or did he have the shop before the Jock that we knew ?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 11 January 2012
Thanks for comments. Note on back of photo says John Mowat and I'd understood from my father that this was John from the shop. Will get my mother to have a look again next time I'm up with her. She'd remember what he looked like in 1948 when she went to North Walls. Not a Rackwick Mowat (he was Jimmy I think). Would be great to have formal identification, that's one of the many values of this site.
Added by Jane Harris on 13 January 2012
Definitely John Mowat senior (father of John Mowat from the shop) according to my mother. Thanks for all the comments. Have another photo with a mystery Walls man that I hope to upload soon!
Added by Jane Harris on 01 February 2012

Did John Mowat live at Skews on Millbay?

Added by Brian Gray on 30 December 2019
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