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Captain and Mrs Johnstone
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Captain and Mrs Johnstone

This is a photo loaned to me by Neil Johnstone of his grandparents Capt and Mrs Johnstone then o Greenbank, here in Longhope.

I only have faint memories of Capt John as he was known here, Mrs Johnstone was a Fiddler fae Heckness area.
I think the Johnstone family he was from were from "Fea" in "Waas

Capt John was a relative of "Geordie o Wills" who I have included on this site.

Capt John on seeing me in the pram wae me Mither said "My Mary he's a fine cut of a lad" well I,m still a cut of a lad only the cut is a lot bigger than it ought tae be!!.

Date 1953?.
Picture added on 30 May 2011 at 11:50
Mrs Johnston must be relative of mine. My forebears came from Longhope, I believe.

Added by Bertha Fiddler on 30 May 2011
John do you know what Capt Johnstone's wife's first name was, I remember my Granny speaking about Bertha Fiddler when I was a wee fella, and don't think it's our Bertha thats commenting on here, as I have contacted her before on the subject
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 02 June 2011
Jimmy, my grandmothers first name was Jane but always known as Jeannie. Grandfathers name was John but usually called Jack.

[My dad's name is John, but he is always called Barry (his middle name), my uncles names were Frank Malcolm but he was always called Mike, and my grandad was John Malcolm but was always called Mackie. Orkney family history is so straightforward... - Steven]
Added by Neil Johnstone on 07 June 2011
I remember them in 10 School Place. That would have been when Neil's family moved - Hatston or Kirklands Road?
Added by Barbara Johnston on 16 June 2011
I have information that I think I received from Mary Borwick a few years back, that during WW2, John took a ship to Dunkirk and brought back troops from the beaches. can anyone comment or corroborate?

Added by Richard Johnston on 25 December 2023
Hi Everyone. I’m currently looking into Captain John's story, looking for anything to assist me filling in the blanks. He was 'Geordie o Wills' brother, and was born at Wabister in 1877.
Added by Richard Johnston on 27 December 2023
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