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Thomsons at Burnhoose
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Thomsons at Burnhoose

This is anither o Uncle Jim Thomson left and Mary Thomson (Mither) on the right dont ken who the ither anes are. If yae didna hiv a fag clamped in yir chaws in a photo in them days yae jist wirna COOL!!. Looks like a pile o straw ootside the newly built barn at the Burnhoose, again note Grandads workmanship o the wall.
He took all that stone home in a kert fae a face below the shore at the YM, a load o stone didna go far, hid was hard graft, I felt bad aboot takan doon some o his hard won efforts as wae altered buildings aboot the ferm owar the years although some are still standan.

He later mooved on tae mass concreat and the shutters that formed the walls had all the receses for the couples and beams already in the forming,he wiz a craftsman, I doot I jist tended tae clash up a wall and think aboot all that detail later!!. He wid hiv booted me backside!!.
Picture added on 20 May 2011 at 17:38
I can fully appreciate the workmanship as I am currently rebuilding 200m of dyke that my young bull took a dislike tae! A cart load o'stone wid only have built aroond 1 square metre o' wall.
Added by Ian Tait on 20 May 2011
I wid think earlier than 1940, Mither and Faither were married in 1938 .

Did there not used to be a box for us tae pit the year in?.

[There was, but problems arose when people put '1940ish', '1960-62', 'Fifties' in etc. It might come back- Steven]
Added by John Budge on 21 May 2011
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