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Kirkwall Post Office staff at the new PO in 1960
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Kirkwall Post Office staff at the new PO in 1960

Kirkwall Post Office staff at the new PO in 1960.

Back row from left: Stan Barnett, Mosh Marwick, Freddie Corsie, Harold Linklater, John Craigie, ________, Jim Taylor, Tony Linklater, ________, ___________, John Cormack, Norman Reid, Tiko Heddle, Billy Stanger.

Second row from left: Jackie Brodie, Dougie Thomson, Tommy Rosie, Sandy Budge, Jimmy Dick, Billy Hadden, Morris Gray, Gerry Groundwater, Ian Smith, Busty Findlay.

Third row from left: Malcolm Gray, Ted Brumpton, John Shearer, _________, __________, Moira Tynch, Nana Scollie, Eunice Sinclair, Peggy Morrison, Joey Groundwater, Stanley Groundwater, Tony Rees.

Front row from left: Bella Rees, _______________?, ______________?, ___________?, Alastair Groundwater,
D.D. Marwick, Jim Scott, ___________?, _________________?, Kittie Watt.

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Picture added on 18 April 2011 at 10:57
The lady to the right of Jim Scott is Irene Pottinger, supervisor of the telephone exchange. The two ladies to the right of John Shearer are Mary Russell and Isobel Schollay (Johnston). The lady named Nana Schollie is in fact Grace Budge from Holm. The gentleman next to Bella Rees is Jimmy Innes who was the night telephone supervisor.
Added by Norma Campbell on 18 April 2011
Back Row - fourth from right is Davie Irvine
Added by Ian M Gibson on 18 April 2011
Back row between John Linklater and Jim Taylor is Tommy Wishart and staying in the back row next to John Cormack is Maurice Allan.
Added by Anonymous2 on 18 April 2011
While since I've seen that picture Brian, I can fill one or two blanks and create some more! Top to bottom - Back row it's Bob Wishart between Jock Craigie and Jim Taylor. After Tony Linklater; ?Scollie or Seatter?; Davie Irvine; it's not Norman Reid between John Cormack and Tommy Heddle as Norman only joined the PO in 1974, days after me.
2nd row from top you've missed a name after Gerry Groundwater, but I don't know who that is.
3rd row from top lady to left of Moira Tinch became Mrs Isobel Schollay but I don't know her maiden name. They lived at 11 Quoybanks Cres.
You've missed a name between Joey and Stanley Groundwater but I don't know who it is. Nor do I know any of the front row names that you have left blank.
Names from that era were Jim Baikie, John Craigie (another one from peedie Jock) and Bob Sinclair who were all postmen. Can't recall if Charlie Clouston started as a postman in Kirkwall before moving to Stromness.
A lot of the staff in the picture were employed at the Telephone Exchange which came under the Head Postmaster's control.

Added by Raymond Grieve on 18 April 2011
Front row, second from the left, is Jimmy Innes who worked on the telephone exchange.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 18 April 2011
1st lady in the second row is Mary Gibson
Added by Joey Tait on 18 April 2011
Back row, between John Craigie and Jim Taylor is Bobby Wishart. 5th.in from the right could be Wilf Mackay. Third row, from left after John Shearer is Mrs.Mary Russell, Mrs E.Scollay. 2nd.from the right next to Tony Rees is Ernie Bertram. Front row,from the left,4th.in is Peedie Sinclair, From the right 3rd. in is Mrs,Pottinger.
Added by Phil Brough. on 19 April 2011
All the comments are most interesting! The good looking young man in the back row - 3rd from the right - is Norman Laughton.
Added by Lex Craigie on 19 April 2011
I can't count! - Davie Irvine is fifth from right back row.
Added by Ian M Gibson on 19 April 2011
The man between Tony Linklater and Davie Irvine is Eddie Robertson. The man between Jock Cormack and Tommy Heddle is Arnold Laughton. The man between Irene Pottinger and Kitty Watt is Angus McKay
Added by Jim Marwick on 19 April 2011
Nearly right Lex,its Arnold Laughton-3rd.from the right,we had a nickname for him too. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 20 April 2011
Its not Maurice Allan next to John Cormack.
Added by Chris Shearer on 21 April 2011
My father's (Angus Mackay) original photo is named as follows:

Back row: S. Barnett, J.G. Marwick, F.M. Corsie, H.S Linklater, J.W. Craigie, R. Wishart, J.S. Taylor, A.A. Linklater, E. Robertson, D. Irvine, J.C. Cormack, J.A. Laughton, T.R. Heddle, W. Stanger.

2nd back row: J.D. Brodie, D. Thomson, T.F. Rosie, A. Budge, J.R. Dick, W.A. Hadden, M.G. Gray, W. Groundwater, J.B. Groundwater, I.W. Smith, J.P. Findlay.

2nd front row: M.S. Gray, W.E.B. Brumpton, J.W. Shearer, M.A.C. Russell, I.M.Schollay, M. Tinch, G.E. Budge, E.C. Sinclair, M.S. Morrison, J. Groundwater, S.I. Groundwater, E.M. Bertram, A.F.T. Rees.

Front row: I.C.M. Rees, J. Innes, W. Leask, J.J. Sinclair, A. Groundwater, D.D. Marwick, J. Scott, I.M. Pottinger, A. Mackay, I.K.B. Watt.
Added by Melita Early on 07 February 2012
front road: J. Innes is mine uncle Jim Innes. He was single, lift whith his parents address: Crowsnest (now a Diving School) Hoxa, St. Margaret, Hope. He had 3 sisters Annie Jane (my mother) , Margie (lived in New Scone Bonnard Gardens with husband David who was a Gardner) Barbara Currie (lived in the Hope Back Road, married to George Currie Lighthouse man Skerries)and there was Jock (no history)! Siblings all deceased)Grandpa Bob Innes came from Helmsdale (approx 1890 1966) Jim lived from 1917/8 till 1977 (inaccurate)
Added by Robert van Toor on 06 July 2013
Front row 2 lft is Jimmy Innes, son of Barbara Taylor Bruce, my father John Innes' brother. John was a first mate WW2 merchant navy married Eliz Quinn had 6 children. He was a river policeman at Sunderland
Added by Jimmy Innes on 02 March 2015
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