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Ross / Corrigill gravestone, Ousa, Hoy
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Ross / Corrigill gravestone, Ousa, Hoy

Ross/Corrigill gravestone - Ousna (Osmondwall), Hoy

In memory of
Susanna Corrigill
Spouse to James Ross
Merchant Walls
who departed this life 18th June 1861 [61 off photo but known from ScotlandsPeople]
Aged 38 years
Also Walter Ross
eldest son of deceased
who died 21st August 1861
Aged 10 years
Both lived respected and died
justly regretted by their loving husband
and father who erects this stone.
The above James Ross
Died 2nd Feb[ruar]y 1876 aged 57 years.
Jemima Ross wfe of Capt G Bruce
Died 27 May 1866 aged 20 years.
Interred in St Helena.
John Ross died 20 Sept 1868. Aged 8 years.
James Ross died 25 Mar 1885.
Aged 27 years. Interred in Glasgow.
These are all the children of James and Susanna; James kept the shop at North Ness, possibly in succession to Susanna's father. They had four other children: Charlotte (m Captain John Menzies, shopkeeper at Longhope for a time), Elizabeth (m George Sinclair from Caithness, had a chandlery business in Wick), Donald (m Donaldina Manson, became a customs officer and probably died in North Shields), Susannah (m Thomas Groundwater from Ore, descendants later had the Longhope Hotel I think).

Took the photo mainly because of Jemima. Her husband Captain George Bruce was from Little Ayre in North Walls. They had two sons, Benjamin born North Walls, and James, born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. James can only have been a year or so at most when his mother died.

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Picture added on 25 October 2010 at 17:36
I can remember my folk talking about folk by the name of Bruce, think they operated a wee shop at East Moaness, but don't know much about them, we always knew the wee bit on the end of the house as the Shoppy, Jane Harris, have you anything on this?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 25 October 2010
Isn't it CORRIGELL? Either way, it's an unusual spelling.
Anonymous comment added on 26 October 2010
There used to be a Bruce man who worked for Bill Gillespie at the Wateringhouse. His wee house is still there, but is a ruin now.
Added by Fred Johnston on 26 October 2010
When I grew up the farm next door had an end onto a "thecked" byre they called "The Shoppy." I suppose it must have been a shop like you had at East Moaness Jimmy. I wonder when that would have been? I bet there wiz no bother wae parking in them days like wae hive at Tesco,s noo! The Farm is Little Wards.
Added by John Budge on 27 October 2010
Some replies:
Yes - it is Corrigell I think on the gravestone - I'm used to seeing the name as Corrigill or Corrigil or Corigle.
Bruces with a shop: Capt George Bruce had at least three brothers, two were sea captains (one came back and had the North Ness shop 1860s-ish) while the third, John, remained in North Walls and married his first cousin, Ann Corrigill. Their older son, Donald Corrigall[sic]Bruce, was a shoemaker in the 1891 and 1901 censuses. The 1891 census just gives Crockness as his home but in 1901 it is East Moaness so I wonder if that is perhaps the shop? Donald married his first cousin Helen Ross (1st cousin of my grandfather) and they had four children, I think: Donald, Willie, Annie and Susanna. My late father certainly spoke of a Donald Bruce but I don't remember him mentioning a shop, but he would have only been about four when Donald C Bruce died. How I wish I'd written more down.
Bruce who worked at the Wateringhouse - were there Bruces in South Walls too? I've an idea Mrs Gorie (née Swanson), of Kirkness & Gorie, had some connection.

Added by Jane Harris on 28 October 2010
Jane, Thanks for that information and I remember it was Donald Bruce, my father spoke about, and altho there definately was a shop at East Moaness, dont know who had it, just that this Bruce family seemed to be into running shops, dad also spoke of Susan Bruce, who probably was the Susanna one mentioned... I do know the Shoppy was still a shop much later than the era we are talking about tho..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 28 October 2010
Yes Jane there were Bruces at the Wyng. I think it was a Bruce who built the house across from Wyng stores then named Ink Bottle due to its shape. Dan Bruce who I remember well at Wateringhouse lived at Custom House with his mother who I think was Lizzie Bruce. Dan had grown up in Aberdeen and had a broad accent of the area.
Don't know if any of this is any good to you Jane
Added by John Budge on 30 October 2010
Does Susanna Ross,who married Captain William Sutherland of Rackwick fit into your family tree?
They were married in Walls in 1893 and had three children, William and Ellen born in Crockness on 19th Oct 1894 and Susanna Bruce Sutherland,born Walls in 1901. William died in Newcastle at the age of 19.
Captain Sutherland became LLoyds agent in Stromness and died in 1928. Susanna his wife died in 1933.
Captain Sutherland's brother John was also a sea captain, but came ashore after losing a leg and for a time was manager of the coal hulk " Mabel" anchored in Longhope.
The Sutherland family came from Groups in Rackwick.
Added by Fred Johnston on 28 February 2012
Yes she does indeed. She was a 1st cousin of my great grandfather, John Ross, and also of Jemima Ross from the gravestone above. Her father was another Walter Ross.
Where did you find this information? Very useful. My father spoke of William, died after falling into the hold of a ship I think. Ellen was Mrs Terras and lived in Old Scapa Road while Susanna married David Gorn from the shop.
Susanna Ross/Sutherland lived at Wellbraes with her widowed mother, another Susanna,at one point, presumably while her husband was at sea.
Added by Jane Harris on 28 February 2012
I found this information, whils't carrying out research into some of the Rackwick shipmasters. For the size of the place, there were a lot of them.
William Sutherland and his wife Susanna are interred in plot B122 in Stromness Churchyard. John Sutherland is buried in Hoy.
Added by Fred Johnston on 01 March 2012
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