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Sinclair Manson, with trophies
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Sinclair Manson, with trophies

Sinclair Manson, The Stoop, Longhope 1969 with some of his winning trophies.

I enjoyed a holiday at the Stoop in Sept 1969 and spent one afternoon with a tin of Silvo polishing Gt Uncle Sinclair's Cups.

I was delighted when he made me a present of the cup I'm holding. The engraving reads 'Presented by James Baillie Best Yearling Class B'

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Picture added on 23 September 2010 at 16:31
The name 'James Baillie' engraved on Sinclair's Cup - does anyone have any info - did he come from South Walls?
Added by Mary S McGilvray on 24 September 2010
James Baillie had the farm of Snelsetter,South Walls, before leaving for Sebay in Tankerness in the early 50's. He was a well known stock breeder and his offspring carry on the tradition.
Added by Fred Johnston on 28 September 2010
It'll probably be the same James Baillie that is in picture #17343.
I think he moved to the East Mainland in the 50's and his family still farm at Sebay today.
Added by GBM on 28 September 2010
I know that Jimmy Bailie lived in Longhope for some years as I think he was in my grt Aunts class at school. I know he moved to Sebay in Tankerness but I think he may have lived at Snelsetter when he was in Longhope, but can't swear by this. I am not sure when he left the island but it was before me time, John Budge will know.
Anonymous comment added on 29 September 2010
Hi again

I'm no very good at uploading and things like that but if you search the orkney images for Longhope darts team, you should come up on a picture of James Bailie.
Added by Pauline Duncan on 29 September 2010
I think that the James Baillie in the picture #17343 is young James Baillie. I think the one who presented the cup would be James Baillie Snr.
Added by Fred Johnston on 30 September 2010
It was in the late 1950's when they left Snelsetter and the oldest Baillie man was in Big Wards but that is before my time. My Auntie's house was built on a found that Old Baillie as she called him said they could have down at the bottom of Big Wards land when they were worried about having to move their house/hut from the North Side.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 01 October 2010
James Baillie was my grandfather. picture #17343 shows my uncle James Baillie.
Added by Jacqueline Lennie on 16 July 2011
As I said before, the James Baillie who presented the cups would have been the father of James Baillie in picture #37763
Anonymous comment added on 16 July 2011
My question concerns Sinclair Manson. Does anybody know if he served in the Royal Scots in WWI .

Thank you
David high

Added by David hill on 17 August 2017
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