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Stromness Acdemy teachers
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Stromness Acdemy teachers

A bit more difficult I would guess. Teachers from Stromness Academy 1979/80. Can anyone list all the names?
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Picture added on 04 August 2010 at 23:12
Here is my guess.

Back row - Janitor, Mr Black, Mr Groundwater, Dr Robertson, Mr Hendry, Dr Ireland, Mr Milstead, Nav teacher, Mr Cooper, Mr Cumming, Mr Grieve, Mr Cursiter.

2nd row - ?, Mr Moncrieff, Mr Erskine, Mr Scott, ?, Mr Troup, Mr Young, Mr Dixon, Mr Eunson, Librarian.
3rd row - Mr Cromarty, ?, Secretary, Mr Wood, ?, Mr MacKenzie, Mr Eyre, Technican, Mr McNee.

Front row - Miss Wood, Miss Marshall/Mrs Wishart, Miss Robertson, Mrs Leonard, Mr MacInness, Mr Bevan, ?, Mrs Linklater, Miss Hamilton, ?, Mrs Hunter.

Added by Isabel Alexander on 05 August 2010
Back row janitor = Billy Cursiter/ nav teacher= Robbie Sutherland. 2nd row far left= Mr Partner.
3rd row Cromerty,Miss WOOD,secretary Phillis Heddle.
Not sure who the other's are.
Added by Colin McBeath on 05 August 2010
Second row ? at end is David Partner. Incidentally a lot of facial hair, with the notable exception of the Head Teacher.
Added by Jim Eunson on 05 August 2010
Could the chap in the second row, between Gordon Scott and Jim Troup, be Hugh Black who was a woodwind tutor at about that time?

The librarian's name is John Broom (his name is still above the door of Stromness Books and Prints) and the technician is George MacEwan of Welly-Boot-Song fame.

There are three women I have been unable to identify... between Jocky and Bert Mackenzie; and the two in the front row that Isabel misidentified or didn't identify at all - extreme left and left of Mrs Hunter. There was a French teacher called Mrs Brou in the school just before I began in 1983... could one of them be her? There seems to be a shortage of language teachers otherwise. (She was on the staff of Glasgow University when I studied French there, but I never met her there either.)

There also seems to be a shortage in music (only Jean?) and probably gym (only Jim and Doodie). The woman next to Jocky is maybe wearing a tracksuit...?
Added by Graham Garson on 06 August 2010
Could the lady on the left of the front row be Miss Melita Mackay, I think she teached HE part time when I started in 1981. We seem to be missing a business studies teacher as well, can't remember the other teacher that was there when I started. When did Miss MacDonald start, she was there by 1982 as our class had her for registration from then on. I don't remember Mrs Brou, was she one of the French Assistants that came for one year. Shortage of Tech teachers I remember Mr Black and Mr Grant. I also seem to remember a Mr Skene. We had a Miss/Mrs Mackay in 1st year for English, she left after that. Can't remember what she looked like though.
Added by Isabel Alexander on 06 August 2010
That is indeed my Dad, David Partner, at left hand side of 2nd row. Apparently, I was very upset as a peedie bairn when he shaved his moustache off!!
Added by Erika Copland on 09 August 2010
Billy Cursiter,Keith Black, Jim Groundwater, Bill Robertson, Andy Henry, John Ireland,David Milsted, Robbie Sutherland, Philip Cooper, John Comming, Donnie Grieve, Davie Cursiter, David Partner, Martin Moncrieff, Jim Erskine, Gordon Scott, Hugh Black, Jim Troup, Stewart Young, Fraser Dixon, Frank Eunson, John Broom, Jim Cromarty, Eleanor Wood, Phyllis Heddle, Jockie Wood, (Language Assistant at that time - but cannot remember name), Bert Mackenzie, Andy Eyre, George McEwan, Oswald McNee, Jan Mackay, Elaine Wishart, Doodie Robertson, Jean Leonard, Ian MacInnes, Archie Bevan, Myrtle Linklater, Valerie Hamilton, Joan Brou and Margaret Hunter.
Added by Phyllis Heddle on 16 October 2010
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