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Stromness Post Office staff
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Stromness Post Office staff

Stromness Post Office staff.

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Picture added on 07 April 2010 at 10:21
I'm pretty sure front row right is lammy campbel, husband of queenie the teacher which would make it mid 1950s at the latest
Added by John Schollay on 10 April 2010
That's provost Robertson in the middle. Looks about 1953
Added by Morag on 14 April 2010
I think the one on the back row left is somebody Law and used to live at Ness. I remember his face but not first name. The one third left, back row, is Johnny Thomson who used to live in Whitehouse Lane.
Added by Inga Knight on 05 May 2010
Certainly his name was Law, Inga. First name Bob I think, but not sure. I know the name of the man at right end of back row too, but it refuses to come to mind.
Added by Ian Hourston on 06 May 2010
See them Morris Vans some o them hid rubber mudguards was that a reflection on the drivers ability or wiz hid for safety reasons?,and were they not jist 6 volt the head lamps were like fag ends glowan!! owld anes were sold in the mart you could pick ane up furr about £25-£50 and petrol was 4s/9p a gallon or maby less. When I started driving petrol wiz 4s/11p at the local shop E. N.Groat. Wyng Stores. Longhope.!!. Oh, I mind" I mind" bla" bla"!!.Shut up Dad" me kids wid say when I gead on about the owld days.
Anonymous comment added on 07 May 2010
I think the man on the right end of the back row is the late Jim Gunn.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 07 May 2010
Reg plate KGO on an old ex GPO van will bring back memories to Jimmy Hamilton
Added by Stewart Taylor on 08 May 2010
Yes that's Mr Law at the back, he used to do the garden for my mum at Thistlebank
Added by Morag on 11 May 2010
Yes Stewart, I was remembering buying one o them off your faither, but didna realise that was the one, shae wis a good wee van, canna mind whit I paid for her but think it was less than £20, pity we never looked efter the owld cars, be worth a fortune noo...mind I bought an Austin 7 next door tae you off Jimmy Swanson for £14.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 11 May 2010
I think the man on the left of Provost Robertson, I think is a Mr. Lindsay who was postmaster. Him and his wife lived up the manse lane in "Toody Wood" the teacher's house. They had one son, Stewart, who was only about 3-4 years when they came to Stromness. On the other hand it might be a Mr. Apple..... something. There seemed to be quite a lot of changes of postmasters in the 50's & 60's. I also remember a Mr. Garioch, from Shetland, and then there was Angus Mackay, and lastly Donald Morrison.
Added by Inga Knight on 11 May 2010
Dead right Gordie. Jim Gunn is the name I was trying to bring to mind.
Added by Ian Hourston on 11 May 2010
Stewart, !'ve been informed that the wee Morris van ended up wi hens in it at Jimmy Nicks, but not before my brother took a trip ower the shore at the doctors hoose, the lights went oot on him. Well thats his story..lol
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 12 May 2010
Jimmy, the one you bought from Geordie was KGO68, she was an ex Linesman's van.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 12 May 2010
The man front row first left is Tom Pottinger who was the postmaster at the time this photo was taken. Bill Law is the postman back row first left. The date is more likely to be 1952 -54. I was a junior postman in 1949,completed my National Service 1952-54 returned to Stromness as a postman and left to join the lighthouse service in December 1955.
Added by George William Cusiter on 04 December 2010
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