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Prince George, Duke of Kent
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Prince George, Duke of Kent

From a blurred 2x3 inch print. Probably the same visit by the Prince of Wales as in the lifeboat picture - except there's no Fred Astaire lookalike in that shot. Oh for the days when 'security' could be that relaxed!

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Picture added on 05 April 2010 at 16:32
Well Ian, unless I am very mistaken,I feel you may have your Royal Princes mixed up.
The gentleman in this picture,I am nearly sure, is the late Duke of Kent,who sadly was killed in an aeroplane crash somewhere in the north of Scotland early in WW2.
As you say the photo is blurred,so we shall await further comments
Best regards to you sir.
Added by Peter Burges on 05 April 2010
According to Stromness lifeboat's website:
March 1928:
John A Hay replaced by J.J.K.S.W., O.N.702, a 51ft. Barnett (Stromness type), that was specially designed for service at Stromness. The naming ceremony was performed by H.R.H. Prince George.

I'm a bit confused, because the Prince of Wales was Prince Edward (the future Edward VIII), and not Prince George, who I believe was the youngest brother of Edward, and later became the Duke of Kent. He was in the navy at this time, so it would seem appropriate for him to launch lifeboats!

Desh it... I've added this under the wrong photo, but it is still relevant.
Added by Graham Garson on 06 April 2010
On further inspection, the shaking hands photo does have the F A lookalike in it, right behind the Admiral. All the civilians in the official party are carrying their headgear, so no top hat visible, but the bow tie and lapel badges are clear enough.
Added by Ian Hourston on 06 April 2010
Yes, I fear I was completely wrong about which Royal Prince it was. It doesn't even look like Edward, blurred as it is. I'd forgotten about Prince George, Duke of Kent. It's him all right! Maybe Steven can change the caption from Prince of Walse to Prince George, Duke of Kent.
Added by Ian Hourston on 07 April 2010
The gentleman in uniform behind the Prince is Superintendent John Muir Tulloch of the Orkney Police Force. He joined in 1895 and retired in 1938. He was appointed Superintendent in 1928 and remained in that post until his retirement. He was then replaced by the first Chief Constable of Orkney - Wilson Colin Campbell.
Anonymous comment added on 25 October 2012
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