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"The Sheiling" built by Robert Johnston

Robert Johnston's bike garage? [Date wildly guessed- Steven]
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Picture added on 13 January 2010 at 23:59
the date was based on the series of other photos it was with...please correct if its off


Richard j.
Added by Richard Johnston on 14 January 2010
Richard, this building was made into a house in the late 60s by my sister and brother in law and they still live in it, now named "The Sheiling" Isnt it a small world. I live on the farm that your G.G.G.Grandfather worked and my sister lives in the house your G.G.Grand Uncle built.
Bobby went on to build a much bigger Garage along the road and another house as well!!.
The Johnston's that I have known can turn their hand to anything and certainly none are afraid to work.
Added by John Budge on 15 January 2010

thanks again for some insight to these pictures.

tried to email you ..haven't heard back

maybe the email address is incorrect?...can you email me?

Richard Johnston -( rands@grey-bruce.net )
Added by Richard Johnston on 17 January 2010

could you update this picture with the name "The Sheiling" built by Robert Johnston.

I am going to update my other questionable locations with the actual names

Added by Richard Johnston on 08 March 2010
Was this building the British Legion Club for a while?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 11 March 2010
No Jimmy, it was never the British Legion. The British Legion was in the Naval hall, which I understand is now flats. Jackie Groat and his wife Edna were the first managers.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 12 March 2010
The British Legion did relocate therefor some years, and that building was where the Legion wound up.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 14 March 2010
Sorry Jimmy & Stewart, I was not aware that the Legion relocated there.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 15 March 2010
where was this building located? was it just down from the Royal Hotel?

any help?


Added by Richard on 16 October 2011
The Masonic Lodge was just along the road from this building as you head along the road to Longhope village.
Harrison Johnston sold stuff in this building as well, think he must have paid the Legion for the use of it. Maybe he got a scunner of the YM after the night he got a bit the worse of the ware after a dram or two and lost all his money. I know because my old boss Jimmy Pirie said "I left a flaming torch on all night at the top of the stairs and the battery was done by the time he got home" Infact James got the old A35 going (which likely took a while never enough cylinders going)and went looking for Harrison found him at the YM and then when I came in to work the walls on the stair had blood on them and the bedding so what a night the pair of them had and me as well cleaaning up. James was not in a good mood for torch batteries were expensive hahaha I can see him yet sitting at the end of the table, lighting up his pipe and telling me all about it.

Added by Beryl Simpson on 23 September 2012
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