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Robert Johnston...abt 1910
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Robert Johnston...abt 1910

Robert Johnston...abt 1910
Picture added on 15 January 2010 at 19:05
Robert was the son of Donald and Ann Johnston of Longhope

1 of 7 brothers
Anonymous comment added on 15 January 2010
I believe his favorite dram was "Abbots Choice" Whisky. I always think o "Cycle Bob" if I see an old bottle.
He died suddenly around 1957-58 and his garage business was sold. I remember the pile o bike frames and wheels etc,it filled a lorry!!.
A canny quiet man he spoke softly and was very helpful.
Anonymous comment added on 16 January 2010
Would this be Cycle Bob, as we knew him, if so I remember him having a big Vauxhall car, think he did a bit of taxi work with it. seem to remember his minimum fare was half a crown, he told my Granny once that it wasn't worth doing a run for less, how times have changed since them days...
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 16 January 2010
Jock Smith bought a trailor load of bikes and spares from the sale, his father Willie reconstructed dozens of bikes and had a different colour of bike every week for months on end.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 17 January 2010
"He died suddenly around 1957-58 and his garage business was sold"..Sounds like you actually knew him...any idea what happened (an accident???)

did he have any family of his own?


Richard J.
Added by Richard Johnston on 18 January 2010
No cycle Bob had no family. He was never married. I was not on the Island when he died, but am quite sure that he died of natural causes.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 18 January 2010
Dad bought Bob's gramophone at the sale after his death. Many a time the spring broke when we wound it up too far so no more listening to Marty Robbins 'The Story Of My Life' Bobby Helms' Fraulein' and the other one or two records that we had. Now I can have them as a ringtone - how things change!

Added by Beryl Simpson on 19 January 2010
Would he be related to Bob Johnston who had the garage just along the road from Greenbank? He looks very like him.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 20 January 2010
The very same man.
Added by John Budge on 20 January 2010

just noticed the year on this picture is wrong..bob was born in 1901 so he's at least an early adult here...est 1925?

Added by Richard Johnston on 20 January 2010
Thanks for that John. I saw his gravestone which gives his death as 6th. Feb 1957 age 55. I always thought he looked a lot older than he was.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 24 January 2010
I was wrong about Cycle Bobs death being sudden, he was poorly and his brother Hughie took him to Westburn, to be looked after by himself and Lillie but sadly he died still a young man.
Anonymous comment added on 05 February 2010
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