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Mystery thing
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Mystery thing

Noo then forget aboot the tree, dae yea ken whit this is? Its a device I found in an old hoose o whurs a few years ago.
Think cooking, and open hearth .
There was no thermostat so the whole thing was manualy operated.
Picture added on 25 November 2009 at 16:53
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Is it a device for hanging cooking pots over the fire so that they can be raised or lowered as required ?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 26 November 2009
The shed could do wae a lick o' paint John.
Added by S Taylor on 26 November 2009
Stewart, I hiv striven aal me life tae try tae git things right!! Bit min,yir pitten me doon aboot me shed and I am hurt tae the queek. Yas I will hiv tae git a lick o paint on her bit the weather jist isna in it at the moment!!!.
That shade o green is natures very own preservitive, hid is widely to be seen here in Waas, known as green moss!!.
You are correct on the device Neil that is what hids for, we found it in an owld lum at Wateringhouse no far fae where you lived at one time, am I right in saying that?.
Capt Johnstone on seeing me as a bairn said tae me mither,my he is a fine cut of a lad, well I am still a cut of a lad only the cut is a hell o a lot bigger than hid should be!!
Added by John Budge on 27 November 2009
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