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Stromness Public School
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Stromness Public School

This image speaks for itself. Its number would suggest it's a copy of an image already archived somewhere, but I have no recollection of how or where I came by it. (Didn't steal it, honest!)
Survivors from this class will be well up in their 80s if not their 90s now but, dead or alive, there are many well known names here.
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Picture added on 12 October 2009 at 18:51
That's my auntie Chrissie, and the well kent character Jimmy I
Added by Morag Macinnes on 09 January 2012
Nan Cursiter was my Aunty, she married Maurice Allan (son of Police Constable D H Allan)
Nan's Aunties Rachel and Miriam made the famous claggam. Like Zanre's ice cream - the recipe has gone - unless Elizabeth can remember?
Added by David Tullock on 10 January 2012
My mum lived next door to Aunty Rachel and was pals with Bel Cursiter. Lovely to hear of claggum again. Mum tried the recipe when I was peedie but it was a disaster. I believe you had to stretch the mix and bash it on a hard surface. Our table was not as good as marble apparently. I remember Miriam and I believe they had a brother too.
Added by Alison Hepburn on 09 September 2016
I too remember claggum with awe and affection. (I favour Alison's spelling simply because the wonderful sweetmeat became pretty 'gummy' with sucking - not to mention 'claggy'.) It was a bit like a very solid and tenacious form of 'tablet', heavily dependent on brown sugar, and sold in twists like small hanks of knitting wool; unique in my experience. When word got out that Miriam and Rachel (wonder if their parents read the Bible at all?) had a batch on the go, the red-headed sisters would have a busy time of it in their little shop. I suppose it was measured by weight for 'sweetie points' (rationing coupons). To be out of points on the infrequent occasions when claggum came on stream must have been a disaster.

Added by Ian Hourston on 27 September 2018
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