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Deerness Primary School
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Deerness Primary School

Deerness Primary School (Big room & Peedie room) [Date estimated]
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Picture added on 14 September 2009 at 17:54
Me sister Linda was born in 1960 & she is in the middle o the front row so i think the year would be about 1965
Added by Irvine Budge on 13 April 2010
My uncle David Foubister (Grindigar) 2nd row 2nd from L, my auntie Margaret Foubister (Grindigar) 2nd row 3rd from R. Also recognise Alison Budge 2nd row 3rd from L, and the 3 Allan sisters from Snippigar: Moira Allan 2nd row centre, Anna Allan 3rd row 4th from R, Sheila Allan 3rd extreme R. Jean Russell 3rd row extreme L.
Added by Moira Cross (nee Linklater) on 17 March 2012
Teacher Ian Mcleod ?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 17 March 2012
Back row L to R Mrs Annie Harcus, Ronnie Eunson, Alan Bichan, Mr Ian Mcleod.
2nd back row L to R Jean Russell, Alistair Munro, Ian Munro, Lorna Cormack, Sidney Foubister, Irene Towrie, Lennie Ward, Anna Allan, ?, Lawrence Cochran, Sheila Allan.
2nd Front row L to R Peter Bichan, Garry Miller, Agnes Hepburn, Stewart Cormack, Colin Mcleod, Moira Allan, Brian Cruickshanks, Raymond Foubister, Margaret Foubister, James Cruickshanks, Russell Aitken.
Front row L to R Jennifer Wylie, Alistair Wylie, Linda Budge, Glen Miller, Alison Budge.
Added by Tom King on 19 March 2012
Can't even recognise my own uncle - sorry David!
Added by Moira Cross (nee Linklater) on 21 March 2012
Have you got your mum looking at this site Moira? If not I'll need to evangelise about it next time I see her!
Added by Steven Heddle on 21 March 2012
She is a big fan of it already Steven don't you worry!
Added by Moira Cross (nee Linklater) on 21 March 2012
? is Jimmy Towrie. Photo must have been taken before July 1965.
Added by David Towrie on 12 September 2012
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