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South Isles ferry
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South Isles ferry

South Isles steamer ORCADIA. I remember her as a boy back in 1952 going up Longhope bay every night after tea towing her dinghy.
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Picture added on 10 January 2007
Brings back many memories, of the first years following WW2.. Is she all dressed up for Stromness Shopping Week? I remember her before she became the "Orcadia" I'm sure she was named "Playfair" and used to tow targets out from the Lyness area down Switha Sound and into the Pentland Firth for the coastal batteries to practice their gunnery. Also the fleet would fire right over Flotta at the targets. I guess practicing their bombarding capabilities. One could hear the shells whistleing as they went over. I might be wrong on the name Playfair as I couldn't come up with anything like in my research.
Added by JG Simpson on 17 January 2007
Quite correct J.G., according to records, Orcadia was originally Playfair, an Admiralty tender in Scapa Flow.
This Orcadia was disposed off in 1958 as records also show.
Added by Peter Burges on 17 January 2007
Allan see if you can find a picture of the old steam HOY HEAD that was on the south isles run before the ORCADIA . I have memories of her doing salvage of copper cable off WEST MOANESS. I think she was chartered off BREMNER SHIPPING co
for the job. Facts might not be right, but it is what I remember.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 26 January 2008
theres a good pic of the old steam hoy head on here, but if you dont find one just let me know.
Added by Allan Besant on 26 January 2008
With regard to the salvage work done by the Hoy Head I remember being told that My uncle Donald Thomson and Jock Smith hired the Hoy Head to drag Longhope for the copper wire used on a barge to explode the magnetic mines that were droped by German planes during the war.
Nothing more high tec than draging an anchor up and down the bay was used I beleave they recovered several of these copper loopes and even then they were of a high value.
Added by John Budge on 27 January 2008
Allan any info where that picture can be found, I have been hunting every where
and havent come across it. JIMMY.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 29 January 2008
Another name comes back to me, Tommy Corrigall was with them, thanks for the comment John. still cannot find a picture of that HOY HEAD. HELP! Jimmy Hamilton

Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 29 January 2008
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Added by Steven Heddle on 30 January 2008
Hi Jimmy, my name is James Corrigall- that could be my father Tommy Corrigall you refer to. Did he have brothers called JIM & ALFIE.
Added by James on 09 March 2008
It would be your father James .
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 10 March 2008
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