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Another of Harry Berrys paintings
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Another of Harry Berrys paintings

Rose Tern Rescue by Harry Berry 10th Feb 1974
Picture added on 23 May 2009
This painting hung in Stroma Bank Hotel as long as Jack and Ola Leslie were the publicans of the premises.
Jack was Cox at the time and a very quiet calm man he was. What is not clear in Harry's painting is that on both sides of the Lifeboat were rocks just below the water and the tide and wind was like to bring the Lifeboat onto these rocks. The last man was very afraid and did not want to jump and had to be heaved off the doomed trawler by force and a snow shower came on and it was a complete whiteout for about half an hour.
Eleven were rescued that night, I think it was five from a liferaft and seven from the trawler.
It is a while ago and I might be wrong a lot has happened since then!

[Eleven... or twelve?- Steven}
Added by John Budge on 26 May 2009
John, I seem to remember Harry making a model lifeboat that was rigged to actually fire rocket lines, think it was radio controlled, do you remember it? any idea of its whereabouts? As said before a man of many talents.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 28 May 2009
I have two peedie ash trays that were copies of Chrissie McFadyen's house that Harry made, fags resting in the bottom made the smoke come out of the chimneys.
Lovely keepsakes and memories of two fine folk.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 29 May 2009
Ok ok me counting is no very good, but what I can mind on was the four or five that were in the raft had been so near to drowning that when we took them from that raft they clung to the rails of the Lifeboat and had to have their hands beaten to get them down into the cabin. In my time on the boat this was the only time I witnessed this, which I believe is known as a death grip. Also the thing I remember was the wreck screaching and banging like a dying animal- it was something I will never forget.
Yes, it was eleven who were saved that night.
Added by John Budge on 02 June 2009
First stop when we went out to me grandads at the Binks was Harry Berry's dump on the shore to see what rejects we could find.
Added by Willie Watters on 03 June 2009
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