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Westermill, Burray
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Westermill, Burray

Westermill some time in the 1890s (I had to put a specific date above but the specific date of the photo isn't known). It'll be the Rosie family standing outside the house.
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Picture added on 04 May 2009
Thank you! I've been trying to figure out which island Westermill was on (me and my family lived there at some point).
Added by PJ on 09 July 2010
The moyes family now stay in this house 2010
Added by Lisa Moyes on 13 July 2010
Westermill is on the Orkney island of Burray- been lots of changes now
Added by Lisa Moyes on 14 July 2010
I lived here in 1995 or 96 for a few months :)
Added by Strabger on 11 September 2010
I believe my 3xGreat-grandfather, George Sutherland (1789-1867), a farmer, lived at Westermill for a while. His grandson, Andrew Guthrie Sutherland (1844-1909), moved to Leith and subsequent generations were born in Scotland and then England.
Added by Paul Andrew Sutherland, FSA (Lond). on 07 June 2011
The Council own the house and the land of Westermill where the new school, football pitch and Orkney Housing Ass houses were built. The council have plots for sale as well and it was the Laird family that owned Westermill before the Council.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 12 June 2011
My Great grandfather George Laird lived in Westermill with my Great grandmother for many years. Bella Laird (my great aunt) lived there until (I think) the early 1990s to St Margaret's Hope. Fantastic to see a photo of the original farm.
Added by Jayne Gibson on 24 May 2015
Lived there for a bit in emergency accommodation.
Added by Rona on 27 January 2016
Do you know what Rosie family this was?
Added by Steven King on 02 February 2016
It has been empty for years. Think the council should put it on the market.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 11 February 2016
Andrew and Bella Laird (brother and sister) lived there in 1981. They were my Dad's (John Alistair Laird) cousins. We parked our caravan on their front lawn for a holiday in August of that year.
Added by Jamie Laird on 07 April 2016
Thats the home my Great grandfather. Was born in Rosie family, and lived there from at least 1821 till 1920 when they moved to Edinburgh
Added by Janette Robertson on 10 January 2022
There is a gravestone in the Comely Bank cemetery in Edinburgh inscribed "Cherished memories of the Roses formerly Westermill Farm, Bureau, Orkney".
No further inscription on names or dates. Spotted it today and was curious so Googled it and wound up here.
Hope it's useful.
Added by John O'Neill on 24 October 2022
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