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Lythes quarry
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Lythes quarry

Longhope larries...council lorry on the right,and wullie's two... bedford and dodge
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Picture added on 25 February 2009
Is that Willie Doull standing at the lorry?
Added by Beryl Simpson on 26 February 2009
Looks like him.
Added by Willie Watters on 27 February 2009
Dont mind Wullie Donald having that Dodge but mind fine the PMX. I think he cut that ane shorter and then had an other ane wae the reg OMY.
These lorries only carried about three ton but as bairns they looked big to us. Most farm trailers now will take at least ten tons, how times have changed.
Keep rootan intae that photo box Jimmy and dina skrunch them up so much, has this ane been in yer hip pocket and through the washing machine? Only joking, weel done Jimmy.
Dont mind that peedie dog but can you mind the collie fae the Lythes called Laddie, he wiz the smertest ane in the hoose, he knew ivry word you said tae him.
What happy memories I have o visiting the Lythes, Wullie wiz aye raggan Ellen and poor peedie Hughie wae his simple bits o fun, but he sometimes got the better of anes that thought they were a lot smerter than him !!.
Added by John Budge on 28 February 2009
John, I mind Hughie being in Kirkwall wan day and phoned Wullie to meet the boat because he had bought a new cement mixer. Wullie was doon all excited tellan everybody aboot the new mixer, the boat came alongside and no sign o the mixer on the deck. Then Hughie appeared on the gangway wi a new shovel on his shoulder..them were the days....
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 03 March 2009
John, That model of Bedford carried 5 tons max. You should remember that they also had gey poor brakes, from our experience of spreading Burra House slag on Ore Brae. Plum needed a dram after that experience.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 03 March 2009
Hughie liked breeding budgies and kept them all in a bus.
We had a a very early visit one morning to the Lythes one time with dad when Cassius Clay was fighting, we could get BBC on our TV but not ITV at that time so Bill told us to come on down and watch it.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 06 March 2009
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