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Hope Regatta
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Hope Regatta

Picture added on 11 January 2009
The land in the picture is Papa Westray. Holland farm is on the left.
Leading boat is the "Ivy" I think the second is the "Tern". This could be a Westray regatta or points race.
Added by John P Drever on 16 January 2009
This is definitely the Hope regatta as I took the photo myself.
Added by Bill Sinclair on 22 January 2009
The land in the background is Papa Westray - Holland farm at the left (north) and almost seeing the Point of Vestness at the right (south).
Added by Rob Thomson on 27 January 2009
This certainly looks very like Papay in the background and two Westray boats. I can see the farms of Holland, Charlston etc along the skyline, and Backaskaill, the ministers rock and the shingle sand below Vestness to the left but will check it out tomorrow. The boat in front looks very like the Class 1 "Ivy" and the second one is very like the "Manto" with the double rigging legs, pre 1967.
Added by Sam Harcus on 31 January 2009
Could the second boat be the Barbara from Sanday owned and sailed by Willo Ward of
Scar. It is not the Tern as I first suggested. Any ideas ?
Added by John P Drever on 05 February 2009
As Bill, the contributor, says, this is definitely from Swona.
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 08 March 2016
Bill, the photographer, says nothing about Swona, though I concede you can't see Papa Westray from the Hope! If this is taken from Swona, what is the land in the background? South Ronaldsay's coastline is virtually all cliffs in this area, and where else is there?
Added by Ian Hourston on 18 March 2016
Old age doesn't come alone, I originally thought that the second boat was the Falcon from Swona in a 'Hope Regatta but I stand corrected and would concur with the North Isles comments.
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 23 March 2016
The leading boat is the "IVY". See the reinforced mast and bermuda rig and has never been out of Westray since 1939. The "BARBARA" from Sanday is following.
Added by John P. Drever on 29 March 2016
Thanks for phone-call John. "Ivy's" identification is beyond doubt. I know nothing about Westray boats, but I've been on Swona and Papey a few times and couldn't see how this pic could possibly have been taken from the former. I considered posting a shot of the S Ronaldsay coastline taken from Swona to reinforce my point but, given the inevitable delay between posting and appearance, I was pretty confident righteousness would have prevailed in the meantime. As indeed it has, thanks to you.
Best wishes, particularly for the vocal cords.
Added by Ian Hourston on 26 April 2016
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