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Fourth Barrier and dunes from a kite
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Fourth Barrier and dunes from a kite

Kite camera pic showing the Fourth Barrier and the amount of sand which has built up over the years. To the right you can see the cement wheelhouse of one of the blockships, almost buried by the sand. It was taken last month."

Craig continues:
"Had a kite camera disaster in Stromness at the weekend, when I lost the gadget which fires the shutter while it is in the air. The camera came off the line around 100 feet up dropping into a field of long grass. The camera is ok but the little plastic and metal box with the gadget on became detached from the camera.

Do you happen to know someone with a metal dectector I could borrow for a day or evening, as I may be able to find it!"

If you can lend Craig a metal detector email Craig, or contact@orkneycommunities.co.uk and I'll pass on your message.

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Picture added on 08 August 2006
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