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Old boathouse at Melsetter.
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Old boathouse at Melsetter.

When I was young this was a nice boathouse. Bit scary though.
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Picture added on 02 January 2009
Noo then, some time back we spoke of the Big Hoose at Melsetter having a private boat known as the Nellie, to transport the Laird (at that time it would be Ould Heddle) and it would have been kept in this shed. There was a sail loft above and big doors facing the bay.
As Wullie says it was a scary place for us young boys, ould Wullie Smith used to spend a lot of time down there spining yarns to us youngsters.
Are there still such places and people the likes o ould Wullack for this generation to remember? I rather think not.

I bet Stewart has lots o memories of the owld boat shed at the Smiddy Plantins and Im sure Capt Fred would have spent an hour or two doon there in his time also.
Added by John Budge on 04 January 2009
Aye, I mind the time fine, many a day the owld blacksmith played hide & seek wae Kenneth and a lot of us at this place. It was a good boathouse in its day, but then that folk could afford that kind of luxuries (by paying peanuts to workers).
When I first mind old Falconers yawl lay there, and Jock Smith always had a boat or two, remember one called either the Iris or Ibis, any info on this John!
Added by Stewart Taylor on 29 January 2009
Who was old Falconer? Can you tell us please--always looking for connections to my family. Alexander A. Falconer married to Jemina Mitchell Bruce was my mother's g-grandfather. Appreciate, Wilma

Added by Wilma in Vancouver on 10 February 2009
Mr & Mrs Falconer stayed at Ferryhouse in Brims when I was very young, (early 1950s) so I don't know much about them apart from the fact they had a daughter called Jean. Fred Johnston would know them, as he was brought up near them.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 11 February 2009
Stewart, I do mind folk speaking of a boat Jock had called the Ibis, but Jock owned so many boats and cars in his time no one can mind them all.
I mind Ikee fae the Binks speakan aboot a small double ended boat Jock had and he fitted it wae a peedie engine. Each time he launched it there wiz jist a fluch o sprae and the engine stalled nothing daunted Jock would beach her again and again and cut a bit off the blades o the propeler untill ther wiz jist the bos o the prop left and still the peedie engine wid stall.
This bit o a boat was hauled up never to go tae sea again! and Jock mooved on to yet another project.
Added by John Budge on 16 February 2009
Jock Smith was one o the best, always found room on the bus for us kids who were not entitled to school transport.
He had a fancy camera with a big flash that he used to take photo's with. I have some that he took at a Legion bairns party.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 17 February 2009
After moving from Ferryhouse, the Falconers lived at the house at the top of the Bu road. If I remember rightly, they lived at the White Glen in Hoy before coming to Brims.
Added by Fred Johnston on 15 September 2011
Hello All:

Many thanks for this information...still on the hunt for my ancestors and every bit helps us unravel our family history. The names and addresses help a lot.
Added by Wilma in Vancouver, BC on 16 September 2011
Noo that is very timely Fred as I have jist pitten a photo on fae Hoy wae John Falconer in hid, and I windered why he wiz in Hoy at that time.
Hids a good job yir there wae the information Fred.
Added by John Budge on 17 September 2011
Fred, a peedie fun I mind whur folk recalan, John Falconer and Jimmy Craigie were tae become fishermen! they bowt creels and gead oot in the bay tae set them only they forgot tae take the buoy ropes oot o them!!the creels were never tae be seen again!!.
When I was young there was a Yole at the Smiddy Pier that had belonged tae Jock Falconer she never gead fae there.
Added by John Budge on 19 September 2011
When we sold the stock when leaving Ferryhouse in 1951, Jock Falconer was bidding against Jimmy Thomson of the Borrowstoon for an Irish Cob which we were selling. Jimmy got the horse for £75, which was pretty good, considering that we only paid £25 for it.
Added by Fred Johnston on 20 September 2011
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