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TheY.M. Longhope
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TheY.M. Longhope

Before the Hall in Longhope was rebuilt some of the autographs were cut from the plasterboard in the dressing rooms, these dated from wartime.
Here we have part of Vera Lynns signature. There were so many, some can be seen on display in the hall foyer today.
This one was not as good so never went up. There were so many names who went on to be world famous like John Gielgud, Sid James, and many many more.
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Picture added on 09 November 2008
John I remember a lot of autographs on the walls of the old cinema at Lyness as well, there were lots of famous wartime entertainers names there including Vera Lynn, I wonder were they all lost or did somebody have the sense to save them?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 09 November 2008
Unless she used to be known as Norman Lynn! I think the writing on the plasterboard has a better chance of being that of a young man called Norman showing feelings towards a lady called Lynn (or possibly he is a man called Norman Lynn). Looking at Vera Lynns autograph in pic 15138 it is nothing like that shown on the plasterboard.
Added by Witheld on 10 November 2008
O buey I wish I wiz as smert as thee, but then thou hiz no name so nobody will ever ken thee!!.
Anonymous comment added on 15 November 2008
Maybe not autograph's but I think John is correct when he says Vera Lynn was there and someone wrote. Tonight Norman (Wisdom) (Vera) Lynn - E.N.S.A.
(George Formby) and "uke" 31st Dec 1941 last show of the old year.
Sadly there are not many of that generation left on the island to let us know if they all appeared at the same time.
It is good that bits of history were kept when the refurbishments were going on.

Added by Beryl Simpson on 16 November 2008
It's highly unlikely Norman Wisdom appeared at Longhope in 1941 as he was a relatively late (post-WW2) starter in professional entertainment. To me, the graffito seems to be saying in effect: Tonight, Norman Lynn and his ukulele. I can't find any internet reference to an entertainer of that name, but lots of once popular artistes have faded into obscurity. I certainly doubt that anyone - least of all herself - would call Vera Lynn just 'Lynn'.
Added by Ian Hourston on 18 February 2013
You have a name of Norman Lynn. His real name was Norman Johnson and he was a member of ENSA during the 2nd ww. His act was a George Formby playing his ukulele banjo. I do have some photographs and venues that he played at during the early 1940's.
Added by Trevor on 16 February 2015
Thank you Trevor. Seems I got one more or less right for a change.
You put 'ukulele' ahead of 'banjo' in the name of George Formby's instrument, whereas I had always heard it the other way round, or run-together as 'banjolele' (a banjo-style body with a ukulele neck and fretting/tuning). Wiki, however, seems to suggest banjolele is a trade-name for a particular make or model of banjo-ukulele.
Added by Ian Hourston on 17 February 2015
Interesting bit of info Trevor.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 17 February 2015
I have today spoke to Norman Lynn widow (real name Norman Johnson) He died in 2003. She confirms that he did a venue in Orkney in 1941.
Added by Trevor on 17 February 2015
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