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How to see Orkney
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How to see Orkney

Three helicopters collecting passengers from Skaill House today.
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Picture added on 07 September 2008
Not having been in Orkney for over a year, is this really a new service? Cool if it is! Roll on next summer when I hope to touch down in God's own country and have a service like this.
Added by Barbara on 08 September 2008
I wid guess this service is only available to the Duke of Gloucester and above.
Added by John Schollay on 09 September 2008
Cool Piccy. I've asked about heli tours over the Islands before and drawn a complete blank. Would like to know if somebody's started doing them!
Added by Kav on 21 September 2008
Right, before rumours start....
These were probably private chartered flights for the well heeled to take them from Skaill house to wherever they wanted to go(possibly Ackergill towers?).
To my knowledge there are no plans for Heli tours over Orkney, mainly because Helicopters are notoriously expensive things to fly and the cost of operating a Heli tour here would make the cost of a normal airplane ticket seem like peanuts.
Added by Baron Von Richthoven on 22 September 2008
they still look like army issue lynx to me.
Added by John Schollay on 23 September 2008
With out too much free advertising .... the choppers belong to the company PDG who do alot of various charter work including tv filming. The guide was from 'wildabout tours' I think, and yes I think it would be expensive, and I don't think an Air Discount Card would be any use !
Added by Calum Swanson on 23 September 2008
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