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Papdale Primary School, Kirkwall, 1979 class
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Papdale Primary School, Kirkwall, 1979 class

Year (P4/P5 etc.)? Sweyn/Erlend/Einar/Magnus? Names?
Picture added on 06 February 2006
Back row l-r - Mrs Kemp, David Hunter, Stewart Crisp, David Marwick, Derek Sutherland, Magnus Croy, Alistair Cuthbert(son?), Mark Leask, ? Paul Dixon
Middle row l-r - Lynn Grieve, Shonagh Cormack, Kirsten Kelday, Pauline Ratter, Catriona ?, Kirsten Mears, Denise Kent, Bridget Swanney
Front row l-r - Justine Jamieson, Bryony Sloan, Alison Skinner, Tracey Sutherland, Ingrid Stanger, Lindsey Allen, Amanda Rosie, Sharon Bruce

I think we were in Magnus, but can't remember that far back any more!
Added by Denise Wick (nee Kent) on 06 February 2006
? in back row is steven craigie (i think) and the class is primary 3m (magnus)
Added by Shonagh Merriman (nee Cormack) on 07 February 2006
I think the boy I couldn't remember in the back row was called steven and catriona was catriona picton-phillips (i think)
Added by Denise Wick on 07 February 2006
Hi there. It's Alistair Cuthbert (no 'son') here. This is actually a picture of Mrs Kemple's Primary Three class in Papdale. Unfortunately, I cannot help with the missing names. We left Orkney in 1981 for Glasgow and so I never saw any of these children again.
Added by Alistair Cuthbert on 11 July 2006
Oh my god...
Added by Stewart Baylis-Crisp on 24 September 2007
I think that could well be P3 as i would have been P4 at the time if my math is right..although if it was after summer '79 then they are P4
Added by Chris Fotheringhame on 19 September 2008
hallo everyone - stuart, alaistair, denise - that's me, catriona picton-phillipps middle row fourth from the right and steven is steven craigie he was my best friend and love for all my three years in orkney - i left for edinburgh with my family the next year - steven left some time shortly after for Poolewe - steven and i had to see the headmaster once at Papdale, we were playing in the willows at the stream after lunch and we had such a great time we forgot to go back to school - three years on orkney and at Papdale at that stage in my life set me up for life, it was an incredible adventure living there - steven and i lost touch around 16 years old, if anyone has any idea how i could get in touch with him please let me know - he'll always be a very important person in my life
Added by Catriona Picton Phillipps on 29 June 2009
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