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Long Hope regatta
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Long Hope regatta

The 1953 regatta
Picture added on 07 November 2005
Could the dinghy in the picture be the Lyness naval one with Commander Errol Bruce standing?.
Added by Fred Johnston on 30 January 2008
You might be right there Fred . Looks like a naval dinghy. My first thoughts on
that picture were of Ray and Jack, their dinghy carried quite a bit of sail, but
the crew in the picture left doubt in my mind. I have a vague memory of Errol Bruce sailing a dingy to Scrabster from Lyness, and I think one of the MFVs escorted him.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 31 January 2008
I think he was in a race with a Mr Henderson from Scrabster Mains.
Added by William Watters on 01 February 2008
Sorry for the spelling mistake. It was Mrs Henderson. Finger trubble
Added by William Watters on 01 February 2008
I'm wondering if the wee boy on the helm is Peter Bruce, the son of Commander Bruce. Peter sailed a boat at the Longhope regatta in either 1953 or 54, and went on to be a great ocean going yachtsman in his own right. I think it was Mrs Henderson who raced Cdr. Bruce across the Firth William, but I think she was Miss Vickers then. Mind you, I am not certain.
Added by Fred Johnston on 01 February 2008
Yes, it's Commander Erroll Bruce. It s 15 years after the post. His grand daughter found it. I ve sent it on to Peter my brother Peter who verifies its him forward with our Father Erroll and his eldest child Peregrine in the stern.
It s a RNSA 14, Peter tells me it's a crude copy of an Island Class One dinghy extant in 1937.
Peter might post to explain the high handicap it was given by the Orcadians the same as the suoerfast International 14 dinghy of 1953, which didn't help to get them high placed in the regatta. However Peter says it was a great training ground for him and Pa became a popular sailor in the Orkneys. I m 20 years younger so I wasn't in Orkney. However my daughter, her family and I live in Edinburgh.
Added by Miss Chloe S Bruce on 14 January 2023
This is a photo of Commander Erroll Bruce RN and his two sons, Peregrine and Peter, aged about 13 and 11.The dinghy is a RNSA 14. Erroll Bruce did indeed 'race' Rosemary Vickers across the Pentland Firth.
Added by Peter Bruce on 15 January 2023
Cdr Bruce was commanding the Lyness naval base.Sons were at boarding school and came to Hoy for holidays
when they took part in local regattas. Peregrine is aft and I am forward coiling the main halyard.
Added by Peter Bruce on 15 January 2023
Peter, the Errol Bruce cup is still a keenly contested catamaran cup in Orkney Sailing Club.
Added by W Watters on 02 February 2023
Yes thank you .... I know. Was at Kirkwall some years ago in my little yacht and saw it!
Added by Peter Bruce on 13 February 2023
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