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RNLB John Gellatly Hyndman
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RNLB John Gellatly Hyndman

RNLB John Gellatly Hyndman 52ft Barnett ex Stronsay lifeboat relieving in Stromness about 1984.
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Picture added on 16 April 2008
Is that the Lyrawa Bay there? What became of her?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 16 April 2008
The John Gellatly Hyndman (ON 923) relieved in Stromness from June 1984 - October 1984 whilst the station was awaiting the arrival of the Arun class L/B "Joseph Rothwell Sykes and Hilda M".
Added by Stewart Taylor on 16 April 2008
And before you ask John - No, we were not responsible for the state of the bulwarks on the Day Dawn.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 16 April 2008
Lyrawa Bay renamed Seahorse is now a workboat on the Clyde.
Added by Willie Macdonald. on 18 April 2008
The Seahorse is an ex norwegian ferry, I know her she lies in Ardrossan, definately not the Lyrawa Bay. I believe she is in this area tho'.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 20 April 2008
Having thoughts on my last comment regarding the Seahorse, the one I see in Ardrossan might be a replacement for the Lyrawa Bay and taken the name. She has only appeared here in the last year or so.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 20 April 2008
Look for Lyrawa Bay on www.trawlerphotos.co.uk and you'll see her in modified form in 2007 moored at Rothesay, having been a fishfarm tender up Skye way. Rothesay is the base of Argyll Workboats who operate Seahorse.
Coincidence ?
Added by Willie Macdonald. on 20 April 2008
Jimmy, I have a photo of the Lyrawa Bay taken at Kyle of Lochalsh in July 2000. She was blue then though and no longer black. If my memory is right she would have been the first ro-ro we had (before The Geira\Hoy Head.) I seem to mind on she was originally called Sam ? She came to Longhope in the summer of 1976. I worked at Groat's shop that year and I have a memory of Anna, Eric Groat and I watching this strange looking boat come round the Crockness buoy and in the bay. She looked so totally different from the Hoy Head and Watchful we'd been used to seeing for years. It would be good to know whatever did happen to her.
Added by Elizabeth Kirkness (nee Stout) on 20 April 2008
I have checked the pic of Lyrawa Bay on trawlerphotos after conversion, and is definately not the one in Ardrossan, which actually belongs to Argyll Workboats
so I think I am right in reckoning they have replaced the Lyrawa Bay with an ex
Norwegian ferry now named Seahorse. Look up Argyll Workboats and see pics of her.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 21 April 2008
Hi my name is Davy Torbit and would like to find Eric Groat. I last saw him about 30 years ago when he was the skipper of fishing boat "Dandara" i would like to know where he is now and to say hello
Added by Davy Torbit on 31 October 2009
hi Davy , As far as I know Eric is living in Oban, and has fished out of Oban for the last 30 years or so, I remember him having the Dandara in Oban way years back..
Anonymous comment added on 02 November 2009
hi.thanks for the info.
Anonymous comment added on 04 November 2009
Hello Davy, Eric is still fishing from Oban, he and his half brother John Burger have a lovely 50 foot trawler the Girl Allison
Added by Anthony Adamson on 04 November 2009
thanks, i will try to contact him there
Anonymous comment added on 06 November 2009
The Eric Groat that was referred to in the earlier comment passed away some years ago, he was an employee of J.M.F. Groat & Sons Longhope.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 06 November 2009
Wrong Eric, Stewart, this is a younger een fae the north isles, used to do the seal culls years ago, and ended up in Oban when I lived there, nice bloke..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 09 November 2009
yes eric did the seals with owner of dandara tam young.aye nice guy big eric. we worked the mackrel down in penzance one season. boat was too slow and net spent most of time trawling the bottom. at least we got a fry.
Anonymous comment added on 10 November 2009
lywara bay is now owned by offshore work boats and is based at river clyde boatyard, though mainly docks at james watt dock greenock.

Im sailing her up and down clyde to loch striven maersk raft.
Added by Kevan Mcneil on 10 May 2010
Dave Torbit, Eric Groat here still alive living Oban . Not hundred % who you are but would be happy get in touch. ERIC GROAT
Added by ERIC GROAT. on 09 February 2011
Hi Eric, I was shanghaied on to the Dandara by Eddie McLardy in 1977, also in the crew was Bobby Daz and Wilkie who I pulled out of Penzance dock when he fell in after a heavy gin session on the Gallic Rose, luckily I got back up for a pee that night and heard a big splash, looked over and saw the bubbles then after what seemed like ages up came what looked like the monster from the black lagoon coughing and spluttering and covered in fish slime and bilge. He stood in the galley shaking in shock and chain smoked 20 fags, next day we went to the Dock Inn to celebrate. The mackerel was a disaster and we came home and did one more trip up the western isles then left the Dandara in Ayr harbour and that's the last I saw of you Eric. I'm glad your still fishing, good luck.
Added by Davy Torbit. on 30 November 2014
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