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North Walls J S School
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North Walls J S School

sorry about the quality but somebody will maybe put names to them,Beryl will see somebody she knows well.
Picture added on 29 March 2008
Only know 3 of them, back row middle Patty Johnston, 2nd row 3rd from left, Ian Mcfadyen and 6th from left Sigurd Simpson
Added by Keith dempsey on 02 April 2008
Mr Jimmy Brown was the teacher. I know a lot of faces in this photo.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 02 April 2008
I think I can do a bit better Keith- tae the left o Macfad is Stewart Taylor, tae the left o him is Annie Barnett, and the big fella in front is I think Johnny Copland.
Added by Michael Johnston on 03 April 2008
Wrong Michael, Margaret Barnett is to my left, Annie is in front with Mary Wilson.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 08 April 2008
Is that Ida groat standing next to the headmaster ?
Added by Keith Dempsey on 09 April 2008
I think I see Norman Norquoy fourth from the left in the second row, the year must be later than 1957 if you are in the photo Stewart?
Added by Beryl Simpson on 09 April 2008
Back row, was that jimmy mowat, patty johnston, colin walls. Next row, margaret barnett, stuart taylor, ian mcfadyen, norman norquoy, francis hamilton(me that wis) sigurd simpson, and olive learmonth..next row and now the memory is suffering, ?annie barnett, ?? betty besant, catherine wylie, ?? mabel wylie.???. Front row. ? johnny copeland, Hugh besant... If the brims boys were at the north side school then we must have been 11 or 12 which would make the year 58 or 59. nearly 50 year ago so forgive me if im mistaken about anybody. I vividly remember Mr brown had bad headaches on a Monday morning and we had to be quiet, cant think what caused that!!!!!
Added by Francis Hamilton on 09 April 2008
Come on stewart can you no mind on the rest?
Added by Michael Johnston on 10 April 2008
I think the girl left of Betty was a girl called ?King, lived next door to Nobby Clarke (houses got burned down), Rae Nundy is to Kathleen's left, then Marjory Wilson, Sadly Beryl I was in that age group, we had to go from Brims School to North Walls Primary when Miss Heddle went to St Vincent (West Indies).
Added by Stewart Taylor on 10 April 2008
My apologies Stewart, I spelt your name wrong. Well done with the other names. You have a better memory than I do. I just can't think who the peedie boy in the front along with Johnny and Hughie would be.
Added by FRANCIS HAMILTON on 11 April 2008
Don't worry about the spelling Francis, after all we didn't go to school to learn that rubbish. Was Albert Clarke not in Hughie & Jonnie's class?
Added by Stewart Taylor on 11 April 2008
Did Billy Mowat and Chrissie have a son who might be the wee boy un-named yet on the left side of the front row?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 12 April 2008
No Jimmy, Billy and Chrissie's oldest boy John Hugh is a good bit younger.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 12 April 2008
Is it Clarky's son from Hoy then? You young ones should ken who it is.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 13 April 2008
Could it be the teachers bairn or did King the head man at Lyness have a son as well as a daughter?
Added by Beryl Simpson on 14 April 2008
No that's not Albert.
Added by S Taylor on 14 April 2008
Stewart, bet you were sad to see ould "Babby" go ! Did she send you all a card?
Added by John Budge on 14 April 2008
Isn't it sad that we all can't remember everybody? I am going to have a go at the middle & front rows but can't guarantee I am completely accurate because of the quality but will mark the ones I am not 100% sure of with a *.... Mary Wilson, Annie Barnett, Beatrice Simpson*, Sandra King, Betty Besant, Kathleen (not Catherine) Wylie, Rae Nundy, Marjory Wilson, Me (Mabel Wylie, now Besant)Kay Moncrieff, June Clark*, Clare King*.
Front Row.. Billy Moncrieff*, Johnny Copland, Hughie Besant. That is the best I can do with my memory at the moment!
Added by Mabel J Besant on 19 August 2008
Ps.. The year is not 1957 as I had not started school still! more like 1963.
Added by Mabel J Besant on 19 August 2008
I agree Mabel, the date was a guess and not enough research done, but looking at it again Francis was 16 in 1963 so can we settle for 1962.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 20 August 2008
Hi mabel, yes you have filled in a few blanks there but if its 63 I would have been 16 and I was offski when I was 15, in hindsight I wish we had stayed on, could have been educated by now, lol.this is great fun though, it makes the brain cells hurt at times. Thanks for that anyway . Cheers
Added by FRANK HAMILTON on 21 August 2008
Ian McFadyen left school left school in 1962, so it was no later than that.
Added by S Taylor. on 22 August 2008
Yes, early '62 is what I thought - the three is next to the two on the keyboard - it was very late when I came across the photo and it was taxing enough trying to remember everyone! I remember the day the photo was taken! Kathleen went to Kirkwall Grammar School in August '62 and I think that was also the year that Sandra and Clare King came into North Walls School. That should be everyone with their correct name now.
Added by Mabel J Besant on 23 August 2008
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