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Surgery Bar, Lynnfield

Surgery Bar 1 October 1979 the Surgery bar at the Lynnfield hotel. Hamish Lamont could eat any amount of bar suppe...
Surgery Bar 2 October 1979 Surgery bar at the Lynnfield Alec (Happy Haddock) Davidson and Jean ?
Surgery Bar 3 Hamish takes to dancing with Ray ? wife of Duncan? October 1979
Surgery Bar 6 October 1979 Jock? Leslie Matches, and Freddie Shearer ?? Lynnfield Hotel
Surgery Bar 7 October 1979 the Lynnfield hotel a young Glen Miller and Brian (Tapper) Walls
Surgery Bar 7 Alec Davidson again but who is he young lady ? November 1979 Lynnfield Hotel
Surgery Bar 8 December 1979 The Surgery Bar at the Lynnfield Hotel Leslie Matches, Hamish Lamont, Campbell Morri...
Surgery Bar 10 January 1980 Chrissie Corsie at the back . Pint of beer 45p Pint of Lager 46p Baby Bubbly 36p Ca...
Surgery Bar 11 Len Leslie and [regular commenter] Hazel Groundwater ? January 1980 Lynnfield Hotel.
Surgery Bar 12 Surgery Bar,Lynnfield hotel January 1980, I can't recall any names ?
Surgery Bar 13 January 1980 Davy Spence, Len Leslie, I cant remember the two young ladies names
Surgery Bar 14 January 1980 Surgery Bar, Lynnfield hotel Jim Corsie, Edgar Muir and ?

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