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Flood 26-10-06

Water entering Willow Burn This is the culvert at the Papdale School, where the water emarges having flowed underground from Pa...
KGS being flooded This is the Papdale East side of KGS, with water cascading in from the Meadows.
Victoria Street flooded Looking back towards the Orkney Hotel
Victoria Street flooded Looking towards the Clay Loan end.
Glaitness Primary School flooded The kids will be glad they are not out in the playground today
Kirkwall Flooding 26/10/06 Pickaquoy Road and campsite. The Picky Centre 'All Weather' court is where the floodlights are.
Kirkwall Flooding 26/10/06 Looking over the Peedie Sea. Pickaquoy Road under water somewhere.
Airport road Taken 26 October about 1600. Much deeper than it looks!
Not so Peedie sea Taken from the feet of the Co-op road about 1630 26th October
Sign says it all Taken about 1700 on 26th October, looking along Junction Road
Landslides in Orphir A picture of landslides taken from the Germiston Road in Orphir after the rain, 26/10/06
Landslide in Orphir A picture of a landslide taken from the Germiston Road in Orphir after the rain, 26/10/06

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