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Ewan Howe

Power Station and Peedie Sea Power Station with Cathedral in the background, and peedie sea in the foreground. 23rd February 2019
West Kirkwall from Cathedral West Kirkwall taken from atop St Magnus Cathedral August 7th 2018
East side of Kirkwall from Cathedral East side of Kirkwall taken from top of St Magnus Cathedral, on 7th August 2018, with council office...
D Block former Papdale Halls of Residence D Block Papdale Halls of Residence D Block. February 27th 2019
Walls of Kirkwall Castle? Kirkwall Castle Possible wall foundations of the Kirkwall Castle on Castle Street, while the road w...
Graemeshall Battery Graemeshall Battery and Director Tower in Holm April 11th 2019
Bertie Anderson’s garage Bertie Anderson’s garage, before demolition. St Mary’s, 11th April 2019.
Graemsay Kirk with Hoy in background Graemsay Kirk with Hoy in background. Taken 24th October 2019
Abandoned Graemsay Kirk Abandoned Graemsay Kirk, 24th October 2019
Hostel garages demolition Demolition of the old garages at the former Papdale Halls of Residence. Taken 30/01/2020
Large abandoned house in Tankerness Large abandoned house in Tankerness. 13/02/2020
Arts Theatre entrance no more! Entrance demolished of former Orkney Arts Theatre (Temperance Hall) 18/3/2020

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