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Ian Balcombe

Royal Oak oil removal Topside activity during the process of removing fuel oil from the Royal Oak. Standby safety diver on...
Royal Oak oil removal Divers being recovered in the lift. Helmets hold torches and video equipment. 09-13-09.
Diving on the Royal Oak Divers being lifted towards the deck of the support vessel, after a dive to prepare the wreck of HMS...
Royal Oak oil removal The end of a dive. The cliffs at Gaitnip, in the background, indicate how close inshore the Royal Oa...
Royal Oak oil removal Diver being prepared. 09-13-09.
Royal Oak oil removal Divers being prepared. A real study in concentration from all those involved. 09-13-09.
New Picture Final checks before diving. HMS Royal Oak, 09-13-09.
Royal Oak oil removal Diver leaving the lift. The top of the hull lies just a few metres below the surface. Notice the sma...
Royal Oak oil removal Ministry of Defence Dive Supervisor monitoring operations on HMS Royal Oak. 09-13-09.

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