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Betty Kirkpatrick

Plenty of hats there Spectators at inter-county hockey and football matches, 1929.
Looking down over Melsetter. Not sure what the date would be, so its only a guess.
Old Lorry Again the date is guess work. But I would imagine it may be on Hoy.
White maas following the plough White maas following the plough on Hoy 17th March 2012
Strange cloud formation A strange cloud formation looking towards Flotta. From Rinnigal on Hoy 30th April 2012.
Pegal Burn on Hoy Pegal Burn on Hoy Picture taken April 2012.
Hoy Head and Thorsvoe meet HOY HEAD and the THORSVOE meeting in Gutter Sound. August 2008.
From Rinnigal on Hoy, looking up past Ore Brae Picture taken from Rinnigal on Hoy, looking up past Ore Brae 20-10-2011
Fieldfare Fieldfare seen at Rinnigal on Hoy 12-2010
Crossbill Crossbill pictures taken at Rinnigal on Hoy July 2009
Swallows Swallows found in one of the old wartime sheds at Rinnigal on Hoy August 2009
Hovering bird, perhaps a Linnet Hovering bird, perhaps a Linnet. Picture taken at Rinnigal on Hoy 07-08-12

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