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Colin McBeath

The End of the Patty Anne Here is the Patty Anne which sank being cut up for scrap by me.
Patty Anne The Patty Anne before i took the cutting tourch to her. If you look at Tommy Kirkpatrick's picture ...
Forgotten boat but WHERE ?? I took this photo of a forgotten boat but where is it? Answers on a postcard please !!!
Where and What is this ? Could this be a prison for bad road rollers or something else??
Graemsay in a different light I took this looking across from Orphir and into the glare o the sun.
Cost of Fuel Sad but true, Where's it all going to end ? I think i will go on e-bay and look for a sinclair C5...
Where am i ? Can anyone tell me where i am ??
Over Grown Nice back garden in need of cutting, But where would you need to be to cut this lawn ???
D I Y Anyone Forgotten staircase but where??
Who took the sink !!! Where is this?
Oscar Charlie Oscar Charlie landed after a great fly past at the very busy Deerness Boat Show.
Oscar Charlie 2 Part of Oscar Charlie's fly past. Note the black clouds in the back ground, Thankfully the rain stay...

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