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Grant Leonard

Mystery thing and place Mystery thing/place. 2010.
The Peace Celebrations, 19/7/19 A Tom Kent photo of the Peace Celebrations, 19/7/19. [I think we might have this already, but thi...
Kirkwall Regatta Trophy This is the cup awarded to Leslie & Leonard for the motor boat Tarter, winning first prize at the Ki...
Schoolchildren and plane This is one of my late father's photos, maybe 1936.
Autumnal sunset Looking over Kirkwall Bay. Friday 24th August.
Last day in Spence's A weel kent face on her last day in Spence's. [Date?]
Mystery thing This is an uncan thing, anybody ken what it's for?
Orkney's first steamroller This is a Tom Kent postcard (PC104), the caption on the back is : ORKNEY'S FIRST STEAMROLLER c1900 (...
Stones of Stennis (sic) This is an old postcard from 1900 or thereabouts.
Lovat Scouts Lovat Scouts, not all the Jocks have combat kit, so I'm guesing 1972, somebody will ken.
MV Expedition MV Expedition, sister ship to the mv St Sunniva, 2012.
Alfred Linklater, of Upper Braebuster, Deerness This is a photo of my grandfather Alfred Linklater, of Upper Braebuster, Deerness. This was taken in...

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