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Lang Geo, Birsay Taken on 26th February. I went to check this out as I found an old map of the area (on http://www.ol...
S/S Keith Hall ashore at Birsay 27-11-21 From the Tom Kent collection.
SS Borg ashore in Bisray Bay 5-7-31 A late Tom Kent picture
Drill Hall, Birsay A Tom Kent picture, date unknown, depicting the Drill Hall in Birsay. with the Twatt Kirk visible in...
Brough of Birsay The Brough shown with the tide in and crossing definitely not recommended, looking west.
Brough of Birsay Taken at the end of September. Definitely a bad time to walk across to the Brough.
Marwick Head Looking south south west
Cliffs at Northside, Birsay Picture taken on 17th May 2002, showing the cliffs at Northside, east of the Point of Buckquoy, in t...
After the rain Ian writes: 'September 2005. From Birsay towards Marwick Head. A morning and early afternoon of hea...
Kirkwall Harbour Ian writes: 'September 2005. Just before a massive rain shower.'
Looking west, past the Brough of Birsay If you kept heading due west you would scrape past the southern tip of Greenland by about 30 miles, ...
Northside, Birsay Picture taken on 16th February, the same day as the earlier Brough o' Birsay picture.

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