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Mystery event in the Hope?
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Mystery event in the Hope?

Another random form Peter Brass Taylor. I'm guessing it is an event from the Hope, year unknown.
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Picture added on 02 December 2015 at 21:54
I was there to see the Hypnotist Edwin Heath who had many people under Hypnosis that night. I remember my Uncle Abbie Simpson running round selling Hot Dogs. He is standing up under the balcony with a duffle coat on. Billy Hourston is beside him I think.Billy's sister Aileen with her mother Mrs Dora Hourston in right hand corner. Mrs John Sinclair(Wards) standing under balcony at right side. Mrs Vera Doull(Russell)beside Mrs Nan Wood (Doull) who is speaking to Mrs Mary Taylor with white hat.Mrs Rosie,Mrs Harry Fisher sitting at right side. Tom Annal is the gentlemann with the cap on. Maybe Mrs Lena Taylor (Brown)in front of Mrs Rosie.
Added by Marion Cursiter on 04 December 2015
Mr Norman Williamson Bank Manager in the Hope to the left of Tom Annal with cap. Do I also see Peter Brass from Kirkwall who played in the great band the Metronomes, help me with the spelling of the band? Maybe Marina Simison Mrs David Sinclair, Flotta with her sister Mrs Violet Scott, Ballgreen in top right hand corner along wall.
Added by Marion Cursiter on 04 December 2015
The fact that Tom Annal and Norman Williamson are there suggests to me that the event is judging of the 'Horses' for Harness and Decoration before the boys head off to the sands for the Ploughing Match.The out-of-focus images at the immediate front of the photo are some of the Horses standing back-on to the photographer. I'm not sure of the date but I would have thought it would be mid-fifties?
Added by Mervyn Tait on 22 January 2016
You are probably more right than I am Mervyn. You must be if the horses are there, I never noticed them. It is just that I knew Abbie and Billy were standing under the balcony at the Edwin Heath evening.
Added by Marion Cursiter on 25 January 2016
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